Jersey Shore Cast Makes Barbara Walters' Top 10 Fascinating People of 2010; Apocalypse Nears

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This group of eight has been in clubs, bar fights, mug shots, tight clothes, other reality shows, South Park spoofs, tabloid photos, and even Jasmine Waltz.

Now the Jersey Shore cast has landed on Barbara Walters' Top 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010. No word if Barbara plans to retire after this shark jumping.

The guidos and guidettes will tape a segment for Walters' special this week, with the 18th annual 10 Most Fascinating People to be unveiled December 9.

Season 2 Jersey Shore Cast

FASCINATING: That's one way to describe Jersey Shore.

The Jersey Shore cast somehow joins the ranks of First Lady Michelle Obama, pop star Lady Gaga, rapper Jay-Z and actors Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

Ridiculous as it seems that a bunch of crass, uneducated, white trash idiots partying and f*%king each other is "fascinating," their cultural impact is unquestioned.

More than 6 million viewers watch the MTV hit every week, more than some network shows get. Also, Kate Gosselin was on the list last year. Come on.

We just hope The Situation asks Barbara if she's DTF.


Hello i love jesey shore and every day the beast at 3,00 pm and ire really like mike and vinny bye


thats mean. trash? theyre regular americans of their age group.


i feel :( really bad about sammi and one sammi got heart broken;((((.


Sometimes I think I'm too hard on these Jersey Shore people, but it's only because I'm concerned about alcohol induced commas, callapsed livers, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (condoms?) , skin cancer, late night eating, etc. It's kind of sad that society is getting off on watching these people destroy their bodies.


Forget Jersey shore Spencer Pratt is in the 'hot' ppl box?!!!!!!!!! WTF


Pauley D is thinking I'm DJ Pauly Deez nuts!!! Vinny has the I just shit my pants face lol!!! Mike has the I'm to sexy for my shirt love affair with himself going on!!! Ronnie thinking to himself look straight and hold face don't give Sammi a reason to bitch.


Uhhh that's Italian Trash Idiots get it right


love these guys

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