Jennifer Mee, a.k.a. Hiccup Girl, Charged With Murder

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Jennifer Mee, better known as "Hiccup Girl" after an appearance on the Today show in 2007, seemed so normal. Well, aside from the chronic hiccup thing.

Anyway, she was charged with murder in Florida this weekend.

First-degree murder, no less. According to cops, Mee was involved in a robbery gone awry Saturday. Officials say Jennifer Mee personally lured a man into an ambush, in which he was robbed at gunpoint, struggled and was shot dead.

WHO, MEE? According to police ... yes.

According to police, Mee and the other two suspects "admitted to their involvement" in the crime and have each been charged with murder as a result.

All three could face the death penalty if convicted.

Mee, who suffered from a rare condition which made her hiccup 50 times a minute for five weeks, apparently had much bigger problems than that.


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