Jasmine Waltz Once Had a Fling with... Vinny Guadagnino?!?!?!?

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No wonder Jasmine Waltz isn't ashamed about her brief relationship with David Arquette.

Reports indicate she much scraped even lower on the dating barrel.

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A "solid source" tells E! News that Waltz got with Vinny from Jersey Shore when he was in town for this year's Video Music Awards.

"Jasmine isn't very subtle when she hooks up with someone famous, and she's hooked up with a lot of celebrities," said an insider. "She said [Vinny] was a good hookup."

The drunks from this MTV show often go to club Voyeur when in Los Angeles, the same establishment where Waltz worked at as a cocktail waitress. That's where these two met.

"He thought she was hot," said a witness. "It's not like it was anything serious. Just a fun fling."

Hey, we're not judging! We're just recommending each side gets tested for STDs. Sooner than later.


To Koy: WOW you see nothing wrong with women sleeping with married men?? So all that with Tiger and Jesse's whores are good decent people right?? Rachael U. is a good person deep down huh??
And no I would not sleep with a married man cuz I have self control and I would not want that done to me KARMA BABY!! Not good for the soul if you care...but sounds like you would fuck anything that moves SO SAD YOUR LIFE!


What ever Happened to that Ramona Girl, they seemed really good together, she was really pretty and seem to be all smiles and give him alot of love, (what a plus!).


Namaste, "Eugh, eugh, eugh. What a hot chick. Eugh, eugh, eugh." "Yeah, yeah, she's hot. Is her vagina realy diseased?" "Shut up Beavus!" Ohm shanti.


@SARAH..I bet your vagina is diseased too.So,she likes sleeping around with married dudes and have a little fun.So what?I bet you'd do it too if you came across someone worth sleeping with..


The girl is hot, but openly promiscuous. We all have sex and love it! But to parade the fact as if it were sociable acceptable is not the way to go about it. It is uncivilized and offensive--and it makes the perpetrator look bad, above all.


The girl is hot, but openly promiscuous. We all have sex like and love it, but parading the fact like if it sociable acceptable isn't correct. It is uncivilized and offensive--it makes you look bad, above all.



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