Jasmine Waltz: Aghast Over David Arquette Blabbing

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A friend says Jasmine Waltz is upset that the world now knows she slept with David Arquette.

Can you blame her?

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How the heck did David Arquette land Jasmine Waltz?!?

A few hours after the actor called Howard Stern and publicly blabbed about the basis for his separation from Courteney Cox, a rant that including an admission to having slept with Waltz one or two times, a pal of this serial dater told Radar Online:

"Jasmine was just shocked when she heard David had gone on Howard Stern and told what she considered to be private details of their relationship. She had no idea he would sleep with her and tell everyone."

Saying her friend had "zero interest" in her and Arquette's tryst getting out, the source added:

"She knew she had done nothing wrong because... according David, he and Courteney were already separated at the time of their relationship."

Waltz is a 28-year old bartender best known for clocking Lindsay Lohan in the face during a night out a few months ago. But she also makes Rachel Uchitel look like an attention-hating prude. Aside from this actor, Jasmine has dated Ryan Seacrest, Jesse McCartney and Doug Reinhardt.


yes... like one viewer commented.... THINK!!!....before you spread your legs, especially for a MARRIED man....what the fuck is wrong with her, getting mad after the fact...too late, scatterbrain!!!!


•randyjacksonsbutt October 13th, 2010 12:44 PM She is a cocktail waitress in L.A. That basically means that she wants to be famous. Well, now your famous. Don't be surprised, your the one who slept with a celebrity.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ well said!!!


Jasmine is mad at him?!!! Ha! He just did her the biggest favor of her life. You know the saying, bad publicity is better than no publicity. No one even knew who this girl was before, now she is THE GIRL that broke up David & Courteney. Looks like the trend in Hollywood is (and always had been) sleeping your way to the top!
==================================================================== so so true...well said!!!


its so so sad to hear those two has finally ended. whats this world/hollywood/celebrity/stars comin to? no one stays with their spouses anymore, everday you hear of some one sleeping with someone/cheating/divorcing/unfaithful/lies/betrayal/in jail etc etc etc...list goes on and on....sad sad sad situation!!! was really hoping that this "trial" seperation would have gotten them (Cox and David)closer...but as the saying goes...the truth always comes out in the end...whatever that may be...end of story!!!

@ ramm

She actually embellished her jail "experience" significantly. Said 2 years in Max security prison. In real life, she served two days in County Jail for pot possession. Max security is for long term sentences, violent offenders, and/or 3 strike drug offenders/sellers. No one in Max is there for 2 years. That's some Minimum security sentence.I just don't get why one would you lie about that? Are they that desperate to come off as tough? Most people find being an ex-con shameful, families get torn apart, children grow up without proper guidance since they have absentee parents, etc... It's hard to get a job once you have a real record, etc... but she clearly sees it as another characteristic/exaggerated experience' to add to her already shameful resume. Please. She showed her colors on Big Brother. Calculating, all for show, not a genuine or sincere or caring bone in her body. I hate posers like this. It doesn't make you cool, trust me!!!

@ Crowley



What's funny is that she's probably the one who babbled to the press in the first place lol.


What the Fuck CAKE???!!! Your a little BITCH!! You probably fuck anything that moves ASS HOLE!


Cocks! That's what David is missing!!!!!


She's a whore-who cares if she's upset. And while she may not have been the hoe on the side, her track record makes her a skank.


Nothing ends a marriage like adding on his last name, remember
Farrah Fawcett-Majors,Patty Duke Astin,and now Courtney Cox Arquette. Too bad that David is a **lover who talks. Come think of it,his sisters Rosanna and Patricia are more famous. He evidently becomes a person of interest from the women that he is associated with, an unknown actor with a tell-all mentality when it comes to the women who gave him the time of day.


Wow she is sleeping with the Hollywood leftovers...Ryan Seacrest?? If that wasn't funny enough, she slept with David Arquette?!?!?! If I was her, I would go hide my head in the sand from shame. Damn, she sounds desparate!

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