Jasmine Villegas Releases New Single: What Do You Think?

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Will the personal life of Jasmine Villegas get in the way of this artist finding professional success?

With her career just underway, the 16-year old singer has already made millions of female enemies around the world by sinking her lips on to Justin Bieber. Now, she's released a new single titled "All These Boys." But will listeners even give it a chance?

Will they hate the player or hate the game? Can those afflicted with Bieber Fever actually purchase the album of the girl who might be making out with Justin at this very moment?

You tell us, readers. Listen to "All These Boys" below and sound off: What do you think?


I dont like this song at all. And i dont like how she kissed justin either


sorry but I dont like it! it sounds relly bad and thanks now i have that pic of her and justin kissing in my head ugh!:(


i'm not sure how i feel about this song.this does not sound like her.she is better than this!!!!


i love it alot


UGH!!! She is so pretty but she has a good voice. One more thing she and justin should NOT have in common. I feel BAD now... Thanks "The Hollywood Gossip"


i dont like it its wack and im not saying this becuz of the jb thing he date whoever he wants it dosnet make a differnce to me shes a good singer but this is horrrible [i like ''i own this '' alot better


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Who is Jasmine Villegas? A 16-year old singer who made many headlines in September of 2010. First, it was announced that she'd serve as... More »
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