James Franco in Drag: Would You Hit It?

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Were it not for the bold "Viva Franco" line on the cover of Candy, we might never have pegged this glamorously dressed drag queen for James Franco.

This guy is great. He'll go on General Hospital after starring in wildly successful, even Oscar-nominated films, then pose for photo shoots like this.

James Franco Photograph

Terry Richardson shot the cover, which is all part of James' promo tactics for his new flicks Howl and 127 Days. The question in our mind, though ...

James Franco: Would you hit it?


I'd suck that make up right off his face. He's so hot underneath it.


This is an awesome pic. Franco could definately give RuPaul a run for the drag money. He is sexy in both forms but I really respect him for this one, there is such a domineering confidence in his eyes. LOVE IT!

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