It's Alright with Kris Allen

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He's not flashy like Adam Lambert, and he hasn't collected countless awards like Carrie Underwood.

But Kris Allen has done just fine for himself as an American Idol alum, relying on his good looks, strong voice and incredible guitar-playing ability to carry him through.

Earlier this week, the season eight champion sat down with Entertainment Weekly and gave viewers a listen to an acoustic version of his new single, "Alright with Me." Sit back, listen and you'll agree: it's more than just alright...


That's right madizzy - more of the same AWESOMENESS!!!!


meh, just more of the same


Kris is so talented. He combines humility with self deprecating humor and that makes him alright with me. I love this song and I hope it's a hit. Simon Cowell not only underestimated Kris and his talent, he missed the boat on this one completely. Tough breaks Simon! You can't win 'em all.


Kris Allen is an amazing artist. he is one of a kind. Pure raw talent. He is underrated and he remains humble.


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