It's Alright with Kris Allen

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He's not flashy like Adam Lambert, and he hasn't collected countless awards like Carrie Underwood.

But Kris Allen has done just fine for himself as an American Idol alum, relying on his good looks, strong voice and incredible guitar-playing ability to carry him through.

Earlier this week, the season eight champion sat down with Entertainment Weekly and gave viewers a listen to an acoustic version of his new single, "Alright with Me." Sit back, listen and you'll agree: it's more than just alright...

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I bet that there many times this past year that Kris went to sleep at night saying to himself, "I could have lived with second place.!!!" Right Kris? I think Kris is a good guy and a good musician but a casualty of a flawed (rigged) system which hasn't done him any favors!


Now I understand.............. As always, Allen can't get any hits for articles so his using Adam....I HAD ENOUGH of this parasite!


The author had to put Adam Lambert's name in the first line of her story, because Kris Allen's name wouldn't get any Google or Bing hits. Kris Who?


Hwy do I see an Allen article on Adam site? Just to ruin my day?


Hmm, I liked Kris on Idol, but I did not have the patience to sit through the whole song. Not my kinda thing. Why can't Kris sing by himself? Same with the latest vid.


I listened to the song and I didn't care for it. Kris always seems to cup his mouth when he sings and it makes it hard to understand the words. Also, the guitar seem too sharp/strident and was drowning out the singing.


Kris Allen is my favorite singer. He puts on an amazing live show.


For comparison, here is an unplugged-acoustic Adam Lambert song: Adam Lambert "Mad World" (live)


Love the article, but man...why did you have to include Adam's name? That just causes the crazies to come over & feel that they have to leave unclassy, vicious comments. I can't wait until they get over themselves. (I'm only talking about the hateful fans who troll, not all of his fans.)


Acoustic's always "alright with me", not my fav on the album, but def my fav for a single, will do awesome on the charts. Funny how people seem feel the need to leave a comment, and believe that anyone actually gives a damn of their (uneducated/unconstructive) thoughts.