Is Mel Gibson a Deadbeat Dad?

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To hear Oksana Grigorieva's new lawyer tell it ... heck, of course he is!

The actor's estranged ex-girlfriend and mother of his eighth child just left court, where her new attorney flat out called Mel Gibson a "deadbeat dad."

Lisa Bloom, a powerhouse who also represents Michael Lohan (you can bet that keeps her busy), said the embattled actor is behind on child support.

Oksana G. Pic

ICE QUEEN: Oksana's allegations are terrifying, but her motives suspect.

Bloom also claimed that Mel's lawyers are "bullying Oksana" by making her sit for three days of depositions, while seeking even more on top of those.

Conversely, Mel hasn't been deposed in the custody case, an ongoing battle on top of Mel's extortion claims and Oksana's claims that he will kill us all.

Oksana's former lawyers were also in court today, asking the judge to make Mel pay $250,000 in legal fees. The judge will take that up November 10.


Namaste, This is getting more sad by the day. How far is this woman willing to go? Team Mel. "Shall we do a fundraising collection to pay a KGB sniper to blow her brains out? Shall we? Can we?" "Yeah, yeah, let's blow her brains out. This women sucks!" "Eugh, eugh, eugh, eugh. Beavus where are you going?" "Shut up Butthead. I am going to blow her brains out. So I can have all the funds myself. So we can watch hot chicks all day!" "O. Euh, euh, euh, euhgh." Bang!..........silence. "Eugh, eugh, eugh. Uh Butthead? Butthead? Say something you asswipe. Is she dead? Eugh, eugh, eugh." Mel is the man and I salute him. Ohm shanti.


she is a whore she belongs jail


"Oksana's former lawyers were also in court today" All 39 of them? What a piece of trash this parasite is, she needs to go to jail...


Oksana is a Deadbeat Hooker. Most people in her profession unclench their jaws from the man's leg so he can leave after he's paid his money, but not her. Like Mel said in the illegal recordings she made, she keeps sucking and sucking. She wants to steal his money and put out damaging lies about him. The people working with her in this are as evil as she is.


He has been supporting them $5000 a month even when talks fell apart. He hasn't kicked her out of his Sherman Oaks house and keeps the car for the sake of the baby. The house not only houses her but her son and any Russian family coming to have a prolonged visit. How does that make him a deadbeat dad? He has a right to contest the judges' decision of $20000 a month if that is the issue.
She asks for more money but didn't contribute to his income when they were together and his future worth is based on his reputation. As she is doing all she can to devalue his worth and lessen his future earnings or even annihilate it, I don't see why she should get more.

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