Happy Birthday, Michaele Salahi!

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Ready to send whatever the opposite of birthday wishes would be, THG readers?

Grating, publicity-hungry reality star Michaele Salahi turns 45 today. In celebration, Bravo actually aired the episode of The Real Housewives of D.C. last night in which this pathetic woman and her husband crashed a White House party.

Talk about dangerous horse play!

Lots of Horse Play
Michaele on a Horse
Michaele Photo

Meanwhile, Michaele confirmed a few weeks ago that she has equally scary plans for her birthday... suit. Look for her naked body to appear in Playboy later this year. Yech.


Michaele? Wow what a fucking grease pit street corner cunt. And ugly one at that. That flat chested, stinking piece of trash needs to die of AIDS.


Playboy? Really? While she has a lean body, it looks a bit weathered and her face is reminiscent of the crypt keeper. There are a lot of beautiful over 40 women out there who would be wonderful to see in Playboy. It is obvious that Playboy is only featuring her due to her notoriety for crashing the state dinner. very very sad.


Beautiful Girl.


Way to go Michaele! Love you!


Michaele is 45 and posing for playboy. Wow way to go. She looks great so I'm not surprised. How inspiring for all the 40 something women out there that playboy does not just want 20 yr olds anymore. Thank you playboy!


Say what you will, you can not keep a good B!t%h down, and this fame seeker is at the top of the heap when it come to exploiting herself and keeping her antics in the limelight. She has enough chutzpah not to care about what anybody else think about her. She "gladly" smiles through everything!!


she needs to be fired. and run out of the country.

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