Happy 21st Birthday, Karissa and Kristina Shannon!

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Playboy model / sex tape star Karissa Shannon celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday with a champagne-soaked party in NYC. The co-guest of honor at the bash?

Twin sister Kristina Shannon, of course!

Karissa looked so delighted when boyfriend Sam Jones III gave a pair of Louboutins which cost $1,495 - he forgot to take the price tag off, what are the odds?

Karissa and Sam Jones III
Shannon Twins Birthday Photo

Karissa Shannon turned 21 last night, as did Kristina Shannon. Sam Jones III? He was just there for the photo ops. [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

With proceeds from the Karissa Shannon sex tape, Sam can afford all sorts of fancy gifts for his girl, who became a D-list name in 2008, thanks to Hugh Hefner.

The twins were two of Hef's three hoes for a bit. Yet despite the "girlfriend" status, Karissa claims the relationship was "more for fun" and the chance to be on TV.

Wow, you mean a couple of 19-year-old twins weren't just itching for the chance to double-team an octogenarian? Shocker. Anyway, happy birthday girls!

A Shannon Twins Pic
Shannon Twins Make Out!
Karissa and Kristina Shannon, Playboy
The Shannon Twins, Playboy Pic
Oh, Oh, Bama!
The Viagra Train
Hef and his Twins

I am your best frends


EWWWWW they are just nasty they won't last long in the hollwood world till they have to go back to the real world...where are the ikki twins when we need them...Shannon twins need to go back in in their dog house


WHORE for sure!! What else are they going to do with there useless lives?? Do as much sex tapes until your ugly muggs melts off!!


hoe is right...they are not even that pretty...NASTY is what i gotta say..


one word hoe

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