Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Go Public

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It's more than just a fling.

Halle Berry was spotted making out with Olivier Martinez in early September, as the pair kissed on the streets of Paris.

Six weeks later, on Saturday night in Beverly Hills, the beautiful actress took her relationship with the French actor public, as the walked the red carpet at the Carousel Of Hope gala. See for yourself:

Witnesses described Berry and Martinez, who met on the set of the upcoming thrilled Dark Tide, as "inseparable" at the event.

Olivier was "constantly leaning in and whispering in Halle's ear, making her laugh," added an onlooker.

Martinez is probably best known for bedding Diane Lane in the film Unfaithful. With Berry added to his list of conquests, we're looking at the luckiest man this side of Sasha Vujacic.


This is a very cute couple. I wish them the best.


Halle seems to be gushing and head over heels,her date appears to be more of an escort and arm candy.


As an entertainer,Halle has got to remain in the limelight,however
being seen with a new man other than her 2 year old daughter's father can not be the best decision,as to avoiding her daughter being confused and conflicted when it comes to the men in Mommy's life. Even through she is a single woman,at 2 years old,it is not a good idea to be introducing this child to Mommy's newest boy toy while Nahla is so young and used to being around her Daddy as the primary man in their lives.


How many guys has she dated?

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