Greyson Chance Debuts First Single

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Move over, Willow Smith. There's another young musician angling for the spotlight.

Greyson Chance, the 13-year old singer who rose to prominence on YouTube and was the first act signed to Ellen DeGeneres' record label, debuted his first original song off his upcoming album today.

Listen below to "Waiting Outside the Lines" and watch as Greyson initially sits behind a piano before moving out towards the audience. What do you think of his potential as an artist?


He is talented, but he is sooo young! Finish school first! These artists are getting younger and younger, I swear!r Before you know it, his voice is going to change, and he won't sound the same. Talented, yes, but he sounds like a girl! :(


Yes, he is good, but....why can't we let kids be kids? I'd be more impressed if Ellen wanted to help him get more training, finish school THEN become an artist. These kids don't need to be starting a "career" as young as he is. Then we wonder why they grow up having so many problems. I love Ellen, I do love Greyson, but seriously, let them grow up without all of the interferance.


I have my new favorite singer...That was fantastic this young man will go so far as an entertainer....Congratulations Greyson and to u also Ellen.


miss. ellen, once again you have not dissapointed!! your 1st signed artist! cant wait to see the next lucky one you give a chance to. im so excited.not only have you got a hugh heart.. your smart to. good luck young man. your doors have just opened with the brightest star in your life.


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