Greyson Chance Debuts First Single

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Move over, Willow Smith. There's another young musician angling for the spotlight.

Greyson Chance, the 13-year old singer who rose to prominence on YouTube and was the first act signed to Ellen DeGeneres' record label, debuted his first original song off his upcoming album today.

Listen below to "Waiting Outside the Lines" and watch as Greyson initially sits behind a piano before moving out towards the audience. What do you think of his potential as an artist?

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People who compare Justin and Greyson DON'T know what they're talking about.I'm a huge fan of both of them.They're both realy good singers and ispiration.And they're both super cute!All I'm sayin is people need to stop comparin them to each other.Let Greyson be Greyson and let Justin be Justin.They're following they're dreams. Let'em be.


Kid music stars go a long way back. This kid has something NONE did, namely he writes real music, and he is technically amazing. Everyone is so used to autotuned voices they dont know what someone good is like without it. The live version on Ellen of his voice has some minor glitches like ANY live performance. Forget waiting etc etc, if you are good like he is GO FOR IT.


i think hes bad justin bieber is way beter and justin bieber is hot and this guys not justin sings really good i dont like this kids voice but hes baby cute but peope says that hes the next justin bieber but no one will never replase jusitn bieber remeber that


His singing is good but not outstanding. He will do well but I doubt he can excel to a superstar singing sensation even with Ellen's backing. I do think he should complete his schooling first. He is just rushing into the music industry way too early.


Awww what a pretty song and he sounds amazing!! if he were about 30-31...LOL....I love the song!!


I think he did a GREAT job !!!! Let him go and get his dream...he can still finish school. I believe he is better than Justin B. If he doesn't try now....someone else will take his place. GO FOR IT !!!! :) INCOURAGE...DON'T DISAPPOINT !!


His alright, but please let your mother cut your hair. If i have to see another bieber flick (not even from bieber this time!) I will be sick


He has an absolutely amazing voice and presence.This is the best performance I've seen in a while other than his rendition of Paparazzi.


Agree this boy is wonderful but in a year we will all be asking" 'Whatever happened to'? Let the boy grow up, get an education and then if he is still into music, go for it. I guess the good thing is he will have college money for later on when no one knows who he is anymore!


He is talented, but he is sooo young! Finish school first! These artists are getting younger and younger, I swear! Before you know it, his voice is going to change, and he won't sound the same. Talented, yes, but he sounds like a girl! :(