Glee Gets (Too?) Sexy for GQ

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Glee airs at the family-friendly hour of 8 p.m. and aims for a young demographic of viewers.

But this isn't a show that shies away from sex-related topics, as two students on the series have lost their virginity in one night stand-like situations; while the term "scissoring" was actually mentioned on last week's episode.

Now, Glee cast members Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith have posed provocatively for GQ. Do these poses cross a line? You tell us...

Glee Covers GQ
Lea Michele in GQ
Dianna Agron Pic

As for the interview inside the magazine, we've posted the following excerpts.

Agron, on wanting Christopher Walken to guest star: “I don’t think people are too fond of that suggestion. I think they just want me to say Justin Timberlake or something.”

Michele, on being told she needed a nose job: "Fuck those people. That’s why I’m proud to be on a positive show and to be a voice for girls and say, ‘You don’t need to look like everybody else. Love who you are.’"

Monteith, on the future of Finn: “I wouldn’t put it past [Ryan Murphy] for Finn to go to military school at the end of season three, or for him to turn into the creepy janitor who gave up on his football dreams and stalks freshmen.”


Umm.. Isn't this the same show that dealt with Quinn Fabray getting pregnant out of wedlock and leading her boyfriend to believe it's his when it was really his best friend's? I mean seriously, this isn't sesame street that we're dealing with.. Its a show about high school, but i don't really think that it's made for high school students. And, on top of that, if your high schooler is so easily influenced by television stars that seeing a photo of their "favorite" TV personality in her underwear would drive him/her to commit some act of sexual deviance then I suggest that you be less worried about lea michele's drawers and more worried about your child's mental state.


Randyjacksonsbutt, I have gathered from your username that you have quite a bit of issues, but where exactly is this demographic coming from? Your own perverted mind? No one needs your opinions here.


oh yes too hoot.. whats going on here!


I love the show, but I agree--- a bit too much. It's a show about highschool-- so Im sure a lot of young kids watch it. You got to remember your audience before you want to go prancing around in your underwear on every magazine cover months in a row.


True randyjacksonsbutt! I have never seem an episode but WTF is the only thing that comes to mind. Was this suppose to help?? Don't get it but again I never watch!


Since only gay men and overweight women watch this garbage show then I would assume that they are trying to attract heterosexual men as viewers with this spread.


I'm a fan of Glee but I do have to admit that posing in underwear is a bit much. If they're "advertising" Glee and they're supposed to be playing high school students... why are high school students in their underwear? Then again, it's titled "Glee Gone Wild" so what do I know! ha!

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