Glee Gets (Too?) Sexy for GQ

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Glee airs at the family-friendly hour of 8 p.m. and aims for a young demographic of viewers.

But this isn't a show that shies away from sex-related topics, as two students on the series have lost their virginity in one night stand-like situations; while the term "scissoring" was actually mentioned on last week's episode.

Now, Glee cast members Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith have posed provocatively for GQ. Do these poses cross a line? You tell us...

Glee Covers GQ
Lea Michele in GQ
Dianna Agron Pic

As for the interview inside the magazine, we've posted the following excerpts.

Agron, on wanting Christopher Walken to guest star: “I don’t think people are too fond of that suggestion. I think they just want me to say Justin Timberlake or something.”

Michele, on being told she needed a nose job: "Fuck those people. That’s why I’m proud to be on a positive show and to be a voice for girls and say, ‘You don’t need to look like everybody else. Love who you are.’"

Monteith, on the future of Finn: “I wouldn’t put it past [Ryan Murphy] for Finn to go to military school at the end of season three, or for him to turn into the creepy janitor who gave up on his football dreams and stalks freshmen.”

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I'm 14, and i find great to see people showing that they're comfortable with themselves.


I understand that kids know a lot now a days. That is because things keep getting racier and there is almost no way to prevent them from seeing it. Years ago t.v. cared about kids that kept things sacred, if you wanted sex you had to find it. Now it's everywhere. I swear if I came here from another world I would seriously think that America is a sex infatuated country. There really IS more to life than that but kids today sadly think it's a major part. Not all of us want to see threesomes on a magazine or half naked performers constantly stuffing sex and nudity in our faces. All it really is is about making money. The more skin they show the more money in their pockets.


We deserve to feel sexy; im pretty sure highschool wasn't that long ago for you guys ;) ?


Yes to me this is too much. This is a show based on high school students. These people may be of legal age but it makes it look like they are underage kids posing for these pics when that is the type of show they are associated with. I watched 90210 and yes they had sex scenes on the show but they never showed anything and they never posed for anything like this that I saw. Society wants to sex up everything nowadays. Is that really the only way you can promote something? Teens and kids do not need to be sexually objectified. Ecspecially with so many pervs out there these days. Just my opinion.


You gotta be kidding. This isn't some "made for Christianity" TV show. People are having "real" sex on Reality TV shows AND on the internet. If you want "family values" watch that Reality TV show called, "19 and Counting", about that Christian family with 19 kids, the Duggers. Talk about sex education. Let your kids watch that show. They might even grow up with a "family value" fantasy of getting married at a young age with a goal of having 20 kids so they can have their own Reality TV show.


I love Glee but it seems like they keep trying wayyyyyyy to hard. Glee is sexy, dont "fix" it.


Waaaaay too sexy


It's gone too far now!...are there no more shows which is purely dedicated to reflecting family values even though their bodies are curved like a perfect 10?...not watching the show anymore not unless that one new member who is an Asian is on the episode...she is good!...of course one vote like mine doesn't matter but my message reach the nation so be it!!


I dont see anything wrong with this..its not like they are naked..and like someone said quin did get pregnet and trick her boyfriend into thinking it was his..this is for more adult teenagers and for people to judge them for this and to get butt hurt is uncalled for..they dont have to walk around trying to be perfect all the time and people need to realize do a lot worse now adays other than this


WAIT!!.. i thought i was watching playboy?

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