Gary Shirley, Amber Portwood "Renew Commitment"

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Teen Mom's Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley have an interesting relationship.

After their violent outburst on the MTV reality show triggered a police investigation, they say they are putting the past behind them and looking forward.

Leah Messer Dumped?

That means exchanging rings and renewing their commitment. We're talking about promise rings, of course, because they're not married. Yes, seriously.

The greatness that is Teen Mom captured in a single image.

"They just bought each other new rings as a sign of their commitment," Gary's mom, Carol Zizak, told Radar Online. "They're promise rings where they're promising that they're going to work on their relationship, not date anyone else."

Magical. Guess that criminal she was dating is out of the picture?

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley have been in couples therapy to salvage their relationship, and she hasn't beaten him in weeks. Hey, baby steps, right?

The parents of adorable baby Leah are serious, too, Carol insists.

"Amber told me, 'Come look at what Gary bought me!'" she says. "Gary's looks like big bling jewelry! Amber's is very pretty, dainty, delicate - like her."

Aww. They've come so far since their televised pummeling.

"I know Amber and I know she can get angry, but I also know she loves Gary and Gary loves her," Carol said. "They both love each other very much."

"Amber is a very sweet girl and she's had a tough childhood. But she is genuine. I always tell her that nothing you do will stop me from loving you."

"Too many parents say you have to earn their love and go through hoops. You love each other through good and bad and that's what I taught Gary."

Profound. So deeply profound.


poor leah,it's sad because she is just a baby and she's having to take all this s%!t from her mom if we can call her that


Gary needs to lose weight and kick her to the curb and fight for custody. She is an unfit mother who does not need to "white out" with Leah around. Great excuse for the violence Amber. I was brought up in a violent and alcoholic home. I don't beat my husband, scream constant obscenities and beat him. You need help!!!


wow... these two need to move on and stay away from each other. Gary needs to get his weight in check before he is no longer around to get beat on due to heart disease/failure etc. And Amber needs medicated and the help of a straight jacket...OR needs to be slapped back ONE GOOD TIME to wake he butt up from her controlling crazy dream she is living in! Leah, well she needs new parents.. ones that respect and love each other and her. She is going to grow up and be just like her mother if she doesnt get out of this situation. 15 yrs from now.. Leah will be on 16 and pregnant! :( She better not be..we expect better of you Leah!!! :)


lol.. ok mom.. but if someone did that to my child i would be up in arms.. u are promoting bad behavior. my thing is why is this girl allowed to stay free (without)charges. she should of been arrested as soon as this was aired. and mom shame on u. u should fear for ur granddaughters safty. i dont see alot of sweetness going on. i see alot of turning of the heads..and when she goes off again..and doesnt remember!! please no one believes that..


Amber is crazy!!!! She belongs in a padded room. She always acts like she isn't happy about being a mother to her precious daughter, Leah. These two need to move on. Gary deserves sooooo much better then Amber. Leah, well, she deserves to not have parents who break up everyday.


I think the chick is a nutjob..


promise ring? maybe he should promise to lose some weight. get it together man

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