Friends of Teresa Giudice to Bravo: Pay Up!

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It's just not fair.

That's the message friends of Teresa Giudice have for Bravo, as they insist this Real Housewife of New Jersey is not holding off on re-signing with the show because she's greedy; she just wants equal pay.

"I think people deserve to know the truth," a pal told Pop Eater. "Bravo pays Caroline and Jacqueline more than Teresa and she isn't holding out because she thinks she's bigger. She just wants to make the same."

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Would you watch these Housewives without Teresa Giudice?

Based purely on the number of magazine covers on which she's appeared, Giudice is actually the most popular Housewife in franchise history. That's a fact not lost on her friends.

"She brings in ratings and invites viewers into her house, even the birthing room of her daughter," said a source. "That she gets less - that's crazy!"

Here's the catch: the Housewives themselves are paid $250,000 each. But the grown children of Teresa's castmates make their own salary, leaving a final tally for the Manzos at $310,000 and the Lauritas at $270,000.

"Bravo could make it even by giving the Giudice girls a college fund or trust or by paying for a babysitter or an assistant for Teresa, yet they won't," said an insider, explaining how the network could get around child labor laws.

We have another idea: Teresa could remain on the show at her current salary and just stop spending money like a moron.


If it were up to me, I would get rid of the entire Housewife franchise as they all are now. Plus, it would save them on divorce attorney's fees. Bring back a housewife show from the lower income families. With NO violence please!! At least they need the money and will tell the truth! Oh, and no kids. With all the bashing going on right now, we want entertainment
and none of these housewives bring it. You're losing an entire group of baby boomers in your 18-49 age group that don't fit into that category.

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