Friends: Amber Portwood May Be Suicidal

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Amber Portwood clearly has issues, as evidenced by the weekly beatdown of Gary Shirley we always seem to report on. But it could be worse than we thought.

Much worse.

Amber Portwood Crying

The Teen Mom star's life continues to unravel, from problems with fiance Gary to those domestic violence charges to - wait for it - possible suicidal tendencies.

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood needs help, promptly.

According to a friend of Gary's, Jordan Sanchez, there have been instances where Amber has called Gary and told him, "Come home or I'm gonna kill myself!"

Just being dramatic? Maybe. But there's more.

Sources say the troubled, often angry Teen Mom star has allegedly been sleeping until 7 p.m. some days and has been abusing Klonopin, a powerful sedative.

For the sake of baby Leah, someone's gotta intervene if this is true. We make light of their squabbles, but no one wants to see Amber Portwood seriously hurt.

Or even worse.


She's doing it for attention which is sad! Doesn't she see what a great mom Maci is? Maci gets plenty of attention for that, she doesn't have to put on a show! Leah shouldve been taken away a long time ago! If Amber acts like this on camera, what happens when cameras aren't rolling?


ok im sorry i have to disagree on the whole "stay together for your kids sake" cause one you shouldnt have to be unhappy for your kids sake and two in the end it may be worse this is a perfect example i would rather be freinds and be apart and raise a child then be together unhappy and eventually abusive eitheir verbally or physically and let my child see that and feel like thats how your suppose to live...just cause you become a mother doesent mean you have to be unhappy


True pak31, they know the whole world will see everything!!


Anyone who displays their personal life on t.v. has problems.


To Lauren: I get what you are saying. It should not be at her expense that is entertaining us. But she needs to realize that she needs the help and not waiting for someone to save her. Plus IF she did, Gary would be there 100% but she doesn't and it pushed him away. She is YOUNG and a mom, that won't change. But she is here now and needs to get some counseling before it's too late. And no the boxing class is not counseling, it probably made it worse cuz she starting hitting Gary.


That's funny because after watching ten minutes of the atrocious and exploitive teenage mother show I too felt suicidal.


first of all, shame on your articles and the Teen mom show and the magazines for the previous articles creating drama at Amber's expense....throw her out there for everyone to laugh at then when the realization that she is contemplating suicide is made known put that out there too in hopes that she hasn't been pushed at too hard. the girl is young, the girl is hurting, the girl needs help...her baby needs to be taken care of first and foremost and put in a safe environment. someone show amber they care what happens to her!!!!!!!

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