Former Manager Sues Taylor Swift for Breach of Contract

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Turns out, not everyone loves Taylor Swift.

Dan Dymtrow is suing the young singer for millions, claiming he's owed money for having signed her as a 14-year old and helping to build her career.

The former manager says he deserves at least 5-10% commission from Swift's sales, but her family conspired to fire him before he could collect.

“They delayed and delayed [the deal] and got rid of my client and subsequently signed [another] deal and kept his commissions for themselves,” says attorney Fernando Pinguelo.

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Swift's lawyer counters that Dymtrow's claim is "ludicrous" because the manager never followed through on the mandatory paperwork to assure himself of such royalties.

The two sides have been fighting since 2007, when Dymtrow (who has also represented Britney Spears) first sued the Swifts because he believed they breached a contract by paying him just $10,000 for his work launching Taylor’s career.

No trial date has been set for the latest lawsuit. Swift's new album, meanwhile, comes out on October 25.

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I think that she is awesome, and I love her music...YOU GO GIRL, KEEP IT UP...I LOVE YOU...!!!!!U you people who dont like her, give her a u taylor swift..i believe in you.


okay. i know not everyone likes her but god give her a break. shes amazing and i know most of you cant sing. so just stop beating on her. shes a great role model and its okay if shes not perfect. no one is. so just let it go.


@judy i agree with you i relize that why we pitty her is because of the kanye and taylor swift thing and i heard her on nfl kick off week and she can not sing at all if i want to listen songs about boys i'll listen to avril taylor swift is so overrated and she sings about relateshrip it geting boring.


@shayna iam not fucking 5 iam 33 and i don't like her anymore so iam throwing her poster so whats it to you


@ Shayna: This is more than just winning.. It's about rights and breach of contracts. If you think that they'll just win because she is Taylor Swift, that's stupid... What are you? Five?


If you're gonna hate on someone please for goodness sakes, learn how to spell. And you're throwing her poster away cause she broke up with Taylor? REALLY?! are you five? I hope Taylor and them win this..this is just stupid.


I wouldn't say that I hate Taylor, or anyone else for that matter, but she has been way overrated and she will die down when all of the tweens start growing up and realize what a good voice really sounds like. She has only written about relationships, and that doe get really boring!!


Dan was not the only one who was used by the Swift family.


@booby i agree with u i just looked up back to december and its about taylor .L she needs to grow up and write something else she is so boring and she can't sing live i saw her on the nfl kick off i used to like her but when she broke up with taylor l that was it iam going throw her poster away.


"Turns out, not everyone loves Taylor Swift." Seriously? I thought it'd be pretty obvious that there are a lot more people who hates her as opposed to people who do like her.. She sucks as a singer either way...