First Look, Listen: Kanye West's "Runaway" Video

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Kanye West is an artiste, no one can dispute that.

After watching the 34-minute (really) music video preview for his upcoming album Runaway, however, one wonders if he's taken his "art" to unhealthy extremes.

The general gist: Kanye seems to fall in love with a bird woman who fell from the sky (see banned naked album cover), but people hate her, so she flies away. :(

There's a Michael Jackson tribute of sorts, a lot of visually stunning effects, and something that appears to be dinner party in the middle, too. Check it out:

What do you think of Kanye's "Runaway" video?


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Man I wish this dude would just go back to being Jay-Z's bitch and know his role in the world. Dude you had a few good songs but the shit you put out now and call "art" is some of the worse music out that MTV and BET like to constantly play for which I do not have a freaking clue to as why!!! It's like you're trying to use Africa to represent your blackness, yet in Africa you might as well be white cause you're like any other foreigner.. I don't know, Kanye just annoys me cuz he's a racist and I just don't get why any white person would support him!!! Kanye West I call for your resignation!!! Yeah I'm one of those people that said WTF to the video!!! Damn I wish 50 would have knocked his dumb ass out back in the day!!! LOL dude representing CHI town he's probably one of the dudes down there that would hold a gun to your belly just so he could suck your dick... I'm just saying I've heard stories LOL!!!!


If you notice at the "dinner party" Kanye has reverse racism. The white people are the "slaves" of the colored people. wow. Kanye really is a loser.


One wonders whether or not the writer of this "article" really understands art. Kanye taking art to unhealthy extremes? Please. Im sure in the scheme of things, this final cut music video was homogenized a great deal from what Kanye originally wanted. For one, it's edited. In addition, its a bit dumbed down for mainstream consumption, and yet the Hollywood Gossip still cant even understand that the "bird woman" is a phoenix? And as far as the bird woman not being liked, I don't think anything could be farther from the truth. She doesn't fit in, sure. But she's a fucking PHOENIX. In the future, please finish high school art and english classes before commenting on things that are above you. This is a smart, self-concious throwback to complex art. You should probably stay away from it.