First Lee DeWyze Single: Listen Now!

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Lee DeWyze seems like a very nice guy and possesses perfectly solid music talent.

Then again, this combination hasn't resulted in much professional success for the two American Idol winners that preceded Lee, David Cook and Kris Allen.

Will DeWyze enjoy a different outcome when his debut CD comes out on November 16? We'll see. In the meantime, the guitar-playing crooner has released his first single. Listen to "Sweet Serendipity" now and chime in with your take on it:

What do you think?


Well said, Nadia! I really, really wish writers did their homework before stating someone is not successful :rolls eyes:


What she said!!


"hasn't resulted in much professional success" ... OK, so, let me get this straight ... you're saying that David Cook having one of only 17 albums to go platinum in the 2009 chart year, having two platinum and one gold singles off that same album, and being one of only three male solo artists to achieve three top ten hits from one album on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Chart (the other two being Rob Thomas and John Mayer), having a near sell-out 10-month 152-show tour, earned more than $2.8MM ranking him as the #7 top earning Idol after only 1 year and 1 album, and over the past year has been writing and recording his second major label album is not considered, by you, a success? And that was just the highlights. WTF, dude? Let me guess ... you're idea of success is being plastered on the front of every tabloid, right? Pfft!


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