Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood: Teen Mom Stars in Crisis Mode!

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As frequently embattled stars of MTV's Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood know about crises. But things are reaching the boiling point.

According to In Touch Weekly, Portwood is now facing new accusations of neglect, with her baby daughter nearly falling out of a window. That's pretty messed up.

Already at risk of losing her baby following a series of blowout fights with "fiance" Gary Shirley, poor Amber seems to be spiraling more and more out of control.

Teen Mom Crises

TEEN MOM CRISES: Amber and Farrah need to get it together.

Then there's Farrah Abraham. Between the Tony Lovato thing, the pregnancy story and the boob job rumors, it's been one thing after another for her.

Might there have been a real pregnancy scare involved? That's the implication of the cover above. As for whether or not Farrah got plastic surgery?

That's unclear. But she and Maci Bookout have been pressured to. Stand tall, ladies. You're beautiful just the way you are, and we're pulling for you!


Amber shouldn't have her baby because she's not fit. She doesn't work or have an education. She sits around her house being lazy and angry. She doesn't work nearly as hard as the other mothers. If the guy chris didn't stay her house and clean it would be as dirty as her attitude. F.Y.I all of that I need help and I didn't remember hittin him is crap. she is full of BULLSHI**T She needs to go to school and get a job, act like an woman(an adult) stop being lazy and full of drama. Gary isn't worth a damn either. ass he does is take the baby when he can't have amber ugly ass. poof


Too many girls are SO DESPERATE TO BE LOVED that they will get pregnant on purpose, HOPEFULL that the guy will stay with her since it's his baby--NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. STOP having babies, just to get a boyfriend--it doesn't work. FARRAH, AMBER, MACI-- just girls who crave a guy to love them because they are so insecure. Grow up and do something with your life, besides getting pregnant and crying for a guy in your life.


frist of all amber shouldnt have her baby....she the poster of bad mother as for maci and farrah they are pretty just the way the are and wonderfully mother


frist of amber shouldnt have her baby....she the poster of bad mother as for maci and farrah they are pretty just the way the are and wonderfully mother


@randyjacksonsbutt -- maybe think twice before posting your ignorant closed-minded comments. If you don't like the show, don't watch it. They're not skanks. They made bad choices. Have you never made a bad choice that came with conequences? You'd be the only one! They don't get 'fat paycheques' and considering they're exposing the very worst moments of their lives on international television,they are entitled for compensation. And, of course their worst moments are going to be the ones that are exposed, its drama, and that's what viewers want. Amber needs help, that's very clear, and she may need to lose her baby for a while. Look at where she comes from, and feel sorry for her, instead of bashing her. Try thinking OUTSIDE the box, for a little while. - Teen Mom.


am i the only 1 2 notice gary is extreamly unattractive


Um first of all, i read that maci and farrah are being pressured to have plastic surgery done. To impress who? If they are happy with the way that they look, then that's all that matters. And as far as Amber is concerned, she should've been locked up already for attacking Gary. I saw her on Teen mom:follow up special with Dr. Drew. She was so fake and dramatic. Someone needs to knock her head upside a wall just like she did Gary's. She knows what she's doing. And the fact that the camera crew didn't intervene or at least call the cops: i heard that they face charges, and I agree that they should.


I think it;s a great idea for a show, this is real life......I would like to say , hello to Farrah..


Farrah and Maci are gorgeous and should not change anything!


Why are you glorifying these girls? Having a baby and trying to raise it by yourself is nothing for MTV to have a hit show about. I agree w/above poster. MTV is putting a small child at risk and they should be held accountable. This mother is not a role model and you should be ashamed to hold her as such.

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