Everyone Hates Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl is a lightning rod for controversy and you'll find a lot of people that dislike the 31-year-old movie star. Just ask Katherine Heigl herself.


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    This is exactly why I love her- it is so easy for people to be neutral, not not get involved or speak their minds and maintain a squeaky, innocent image. For the same reason I loved Kelis for defending her use of fur, I love Heigl for speaking her mind. She's an intelligent person, not a puppet.

    I'm the kind of guy who picks a side when his two friends are fighting rather than stay friends with both so that's probably why I don't care about controversy.


    i love love love katherine. I will rent,buy,go see ANY movie she is in!!! i think she is extremly sexy & beautiful. I would rather see her have a realtiy show than the kardashian whores. KATHERINE WE LOVE YOU HERE IN CALIFORNIA & MEXICALI (aka mexico). No one in know ever says anything bad about katherine.


    My mom always maintained that it's not what you say but how you say it!


    I love Katherine Heigl's open opinion to things. I think that she should be allowed to say what she wants and not hold it in. Other celebrity get to say half of the same things as her and not get all the crap thrown at them like she does. Why is that? I hate seeing all the negative going to her all the time. Others deserve it too. I have been a fan of Katherine forever, since she started her career. That is never gonna stop. I support her no matter what she does or what she says. Everyone has the freedom of speech.


    I Love Katherine Heigl. I think she should be allowed to say whatever she wants and not be careful. How many other celebrity get to say the same things that she says and get away with it? Why all the hate have to be on her? I have loved her for years and support her no matter what. She is my favorite actress and It will remain that way.


    I honestly love Katherine Heigl's outspoken personality but because she's a celebrity everything she says and does is magnified, and that has to be so annoying having to always walk on eggshells screw what people think be your self... ;)


    Don't like her acting or her movies quite frankly. All seem to be the same story. Boy and girl meet, don't like each other, end up falling in love. She has like three movies with that same theme now. BUT, with her doing what she is for animals, my wife and I have become new fans of hers.


    I don't think that people hate her they just think that she is annoying. She is kind of like the female equivalent of Ashton Kucher. Which, ironically, they both recently starred in the most annoying movie of the year in Killers.

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