Erica Langston Sex Tape: On the Way?

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In news almost as shocking as Heidi Montag only threatening to divorce Spencer Pratt for publicity's sake, a cast member on The Bad Girls Club has made a sex tape.

Refreshingly, though, Erica Langston isn't conjuring up some story about a video getting stolen or her rights being violated. Instead, she has come right out and confirmed to TMZ that she and her boyfriend (pictured here) did, indeed, get it on... threesome style!

That's right, Langston says she, this dude and another member of The Bad Girls Club made the tape while filming their show in Miami. She's all for it getting released to the public, as long as she can agree to a fair deal.

Somewhere, the chairman of Vivid Entertainment is scrambling to the nearest phone and preparing a press release that tells us why an Erica Langston sex tape will be the HOTTEST IN HISTORY.


Namaste, O wauw! Another celebsextape. Can't wait to see it. Another hot item in my celebrety porncollection. I wonder where their inspiration comes from. Their collegues or by watching porn all day. Or is just their own horny fantasy? There should be a Oscar- gala for this. And the best sexscene goes to.......Montana, Heidi, Kardashian.....wauw the list goes on and on.....I realy can't chose. O fuck it, it goes to everybody. Hoera! Ohm shanti.