Eminem Leads American Music Awards Nominees

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With his new album climbing the charts, Eminem leads the list of nominees for the American Music Awards with five. Lady Antebellum also netted five nods in all.

You could definitely call this a successful Recovery.

Predictably, not far behind the star were Justin Bieber, who followed with four, then the likes of B.o.B., Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Usher, collecting three nods per.

Justin Bieber, Eminem, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are all vying for the trophy in the coveted 2010 Artist of the Year category. Who do you think should win?

For much more on Eminem, follow the jump to see his interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes last weekend, which was actually rather eye-opening ...


Eminem gained his fame threw the dysfunctional hateful persona he used to portray. So naturally he has to still play that role, even tho he's simmered down a lil bit.. You can say and think whatever you want, but when you leave childish remarks like "pss I think that he is a bitch" you just show your adolescence.. His music, his lyrics are what people connect to and have connected to for the past decade. So don't bash what he talks about or says in his songs, its worked for him and he's still gonna be making millions nowhere what you say. Your probably the type that heard a couple songs or his last cd and didnt like it.. Do some research before you voice your opinion.. Go listen to all of his albums before you start hating. Then and only then will you see the true emimem and how he's changed and why he is the way he is.


you are so fucking stupid why do you think, he was caught up with DRUGS! and he is not always mad he loves his kids and all of these punks are trying to start shit. don't hate him because he is a WHITE raper


I guess money doesn't buy happiness. I am getting tired of always hearing about his rough life. A lot of people have had it rough, he's not the only one. Plus, I wouldn't consider his work to be "music". He doesn't sing.


meh, i wouldn't be jealous. its well known that he had a rough childhood, plus a psycho wife and a drug addiction - the video says as much. lots of spoiled white kids with much cushier upbringings identify with the anger in his lyrics. he probably isn't as angry now as he used to be, but that emotion sells music.


Question: Why is Eminem always so mad? He's been a millionaire for over a decade now, lives a lavish lifestyle, gets any woman he wants. PS - It's pretty hypocritical to be so rich yet be so angry at a society that has supposedly done him so wrong. PSS - I think that he is a bitch.

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