Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Tyler Clementi Suicide, Bullying of Gay Teens

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On her talk show this week, Ellen DeGeneres took a couple minutes away from cracking jokes and interviewing celebrities to address the growing, dangerous problemsof bullying against gay teenagers.

Tragically, this topic is in the news because a Rutgers University student named Tyler Clementi committed suicide this week after his roommate exposed his sexuality on the Internet. Clementi is just the latest teen to take his own life in reaction to brutal taunting from classmates.

"My heart is breaking for their families, their friends and for a society that continues to let this happen," Ellen says in the video below. "These kids needed us. We have an obligation to change this. There are messages everywhere that validate this kind of bullying and taunting and we have to make it stop. We can't let intolerance and ignorance take another kid's life."

DeGeneres goes on to list agencies that can help those in trouble, such as The Trevor Project (866 4U TREVOR). Watch the following video and consider the message:


your insensitivity of this topic, on a board dedicated to this topic is cruel and horrifying... you are the type of person who lets events like this occur... and fact finder you un-educated closet case.... 10 percent of the population fits under the percentage rate found by most studies.. this does not include closeted individuals (like yourself), bisexuals, or others. and the POINT of this is that these are children.. 18 years old... yes tons of people commit suicide and that needs to be addressed, but sir.. you are not understanding the sheer complexities of this situation... he was bullied.. and thus killed himself... it isnt that he was mentally unstable (such as yourself) and then kill himself.. he was video recorded while engaging in sexual activities.. ... try stepping outside your little box once and awhile.. bigot


@ randyjacksonsbutt: being gay is not self-inflicted or something that comes and goes...it is not an illness...it is not some sort of affliction...I am gay, I was born this way and I love it!
Don't sit there and compare people's inability to express their sexual preferences for fear of being bullied, shunned or even killed...with the recession and whatever else you have on your list!
I am not saying that there are no other important issues in the world...but I honestly do not think you have a right to undermine what people are going through because you think one problem is more important than the other!
The recession...the wars...the unemployment...these are all self inflicted issues...these are all as a result of man's greed...however sexuality is a different kettle of fish!
All these are important issues that need to be resolved...simple!
So if you do not mind, before you come on here...boring everyone with views that show nothing but ignorance and bias...THINK!!!


My heart goes out to the family but I don`t believe this is a gay rights issue. People of all ages are bullied everyday for various reasons: race, religion, too fat, too skinny, too short, too smart, too dumb, too poor, etc. Bullying in it of itself should be viewed as a hate crime regardless of the label we choose to place upon the victim.


randyjacksonbutt: Do you realize your comments make NO sense whatsoever? You sound like a total idiot, pick one subject and stick to it, you might just be able to make coherent comments .... it's doubtful, but there is a slight chance. Until then do us all a favor .... be quiet.


Warner bros does not want swedish ppl seeing this. hmm


@randyjacksonsbutt: First, how does gays in the military take "priority" over unemployment? What does that mean? Is there some statistic you're citing? The idea that it's taking "priority" in the government's agenda is something you simply made up. Secondly, you do understand how many gays have been dismissed from the military and how this affects everyone's national security, right? Gays are far from the only ones demanding this policy is revoked. Literally every single high-up in the Army is against DADT b/c it threatens all American citizens. Third, if you listened to what Ellen said, she isn't at all directing her comments at gays being bullied, but rather using this week's incident as a chance to address bullying in general.


A lot of people get bullied everyday and a lot of people commit suicide everyday not just gay people. This is going to cause a backlash but I have to say it (I am not homophobic nor do I dislike gay people): Our country is going through some really rough times. A recession, unemployment, oil spills, war, etc. Yet, all I seem to hear about on the news is topics in regards to gay rights. Gays in the military, gays getting married, gays getting bullied.
Roughly 2% of the population is gay yet the issue of gays in the military takes priority over unemployment. I have no problem with gay people at all but I can't help but get frustrated when I see my country's priorities going down the drain because 2% of the population wants to be able to tell another soldier that they prefer men. PS - Everyone needs to stop bitching and whining and unite to make this country better. There are much more pressing issues out there that effect every single one of us.


@THG, Thank you for addressing such an important topic.
By any other name bullying is still a form of mental anguish and abuse.


I love Ellen. :)

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