Elin Nordegren-Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement Estimated at $110M

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Tiger Woods' divorce payout to wife Elin Nordegren was reportedly $110 million, or approximately one million per mistress the golfer squired over the years.

Okay, that was an exaggeration on our part ... probably. The point remains, it was totally worth $110 million to get with Devon James. No regrets at all.

Fight For the Kids

For a mega-millionaire, the former Elin Woods has certainly not been extravagant, even flying commercial instead of on private jets typical for Tiger.

TIGER'S GIRL: Elin Nordegren used to be. Now she's a rich divorcee.

"She can afford a jet but didn't even consider it," a source said. "She's not cheap, she's just not throwing money around and wasting it the way some people do."

Elin Nordegren still employs nannies and other household help as she shares custody with Tiger of their two children, but has cut back on some of their hours.

The long and short of it is that she just wants to get on with life.

Tiger's exact net worth is unknown, but most sources peg it at approximately $500 million, meaning Elin could have received at least another $100-150 million.

"Tiger is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, with his earning, investments and the endorsement deals he's made over the years," a source told Radar Online.

"Elin got a lot of money, but she could have received more. She wanted enough money to not change her, but most importantly, wants to get on with her life."

Fun fact - at $110 million, the payout is approximately 11 times more than Tiger's #1 mistress, Rachel Uchitel, received from the golf great. Suck it, Uchitel!


Lol she was a maid and nothing more. People acting like she was the vigin mary or somethin. Tiger was way to good for her and he's happy she's out of his life. He little money he gave her he has already made back.


If u dont think its anyones business than why are i reading it? U just dont have it in u to comment on it but ur just as much in the "business" as anyone else....ok anyways...i dont think shes a goldiggin bitch like everyone is trying to make her out to be .... and this paragraph proves that cus #1 if that was the case why is she so torn about this n filing for divorce? If she was what people are TRYING to make her out to be she wouldnt have gave a fuck and would have eitheir stayed with him or took more money and she would be flaunting her $ around...but shes not so i think it is a understatement to say she does care!!! Cause other wives that are actually true golddiggers usually put a celeb through a bunch of bs in a divorce she seems to genuailly care...but her x husband is a straight HOE...


Look at the annoyed expression on that jerk's face when his classy wife is affectionate with him. He thought he was too good for her, the nasty lecherous fool. The truth is she was too good for him, and that's an understatement! She's a saint compared to that homely weasel.


And this is our business because? Move on people.


ha ha!! suck it uchital!

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