Duane Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter) Injured

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Duane Chapman, a.k.a. Dog the Bounty Hunter, was rushed to UCLA Medical Center this weekend due to the extreme pain in his left leg, according to reports.

A source close to the reality star and real-life fugitive hunter says that he may have a blood clot behind his knee, an injury stemming from kicking in a door.

His muscle separated from the bone and caused internal bleeding, sources report. The injury grew worse as Dog has been traveling during the past week.

On Thursday, Dog and his wife Beth were seen having lunch in Malibu, where Dog appeared to be happy and healthy as he sat with his arms around Beth.

But by Saturday, the injured muscle was so inflamed that Dog needed to go to the emergency room. He will return to the hospital for more treatment.

Dog and Beth, who live in Honolulu, have been in Los Angeles for several TV and radio appearances promoting the seventh season of their hit show.

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not care for the show at first,
but now i`m hooked on it, cant wait, now its gone,
God Bless, whole family, miss you


dog i know that God will heal you wish you a speedy recovery cant wait to meet you and beth& crew love you all God bless you and love you all


Hello Chapman family. I live in Northern Michigan and am missing your show. It used to come on A & E station on Wednesday night and it is no longer there. Where can I find you guys because I love your show and really hate missing even one week. Hope your leg is much better. ♥♥ Grandma Judy


im glad that dog is better.hes a great man.i watch his show all the time.and i also think beth is great


Did Dog injure the leg he raises to pee on fire hydrants?


Sadly, the door was unlocked at the time. The whole mess would have been avoided if he had only checked first before kicking it in.


dog im so sorry to hear about your leg i hope u get better fast as we all seen u pray. pray for help for a fast healing process so u do what u do best and get back on the hunt. we all know beth will take care of u


Dog I hope your Leg Gets Better. I Really EnJoy your Show. Your #1 Fan Kelly


we are big fans of your show and we think you are a great couple we are sorry to here about your injury and we wish you well we know beth will take care of you aloha from maryland


Cut him some slack ppl. He was kicking in a door, not knitting a scarf. Injuries can happen from mundane tasks. Go back to your holes.