Dr. Conrad Murray Looks to Quash Joe Jackson Lawsuit, Financial Claims as "Pure Hearsay"

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Already facing involuntary manslaughter charges stemming from the death of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray is not happy with being hit with a wrongful death lawsuit by the late icon's money-hungry father, Joe Jackson.

You can bet he fights it tooth and nail, too. Here's why ...

Bad Doc

Joe ... come on, man.

Dr. Murray's lawyer, Charles Peckham, is asking the judge to throw out statements attributed to Michael Jackson, specifically that Katherine Jackson was acting as his "agent," or a go-between, in funneling support money to Joe.

Peckham says claims that Katherine was MJ's agent - made by Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, and Leonard Rowe, self-proclaimed former advisor - are pure hearsay.

The key for Murray is establishing Joe was not financially harmed by the death of Michael, who cut his dad out of his will. Yet Joe says he was paid by Katherine.

Oxman said in legal papers last week, "[Michael Jackson] supported his father, Joseph Jackson, by making payments to [Katherine Jackson] on a monthly basis."

Peckham calls Oxman an "incompetent legal expert."

Peckham also claims there is no proof Rowe ever served as Michael's advisor, and as a result, wants all statements (and thus the lawsuit) by Joe thrown out.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see Joe and Katherine on Oprah. Dude is like a bad penny, always turning up. And pretty worthless. Yes, we went there.


Please MJ fans, boycott Oprah. shes nothing but a female Bashir. the family say they wanna set the record straight about Michael but they could do this 1000 other ways and on 1000 other tv shows than on Oprah! Oprahs a 2 faced hypocrite who dont care about MJ she just cares about ratings! even if not, if shes all about "setting the record straight" and letting the world know the real MJ then we dont need to watch it- we already know the real MJ!:) x

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