Don't Mess with Robert Pattinson!

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By all accounts, Robert Pattinson is patient and accommodating with fans. The same can't exactly be said of the paparazzi, however.

Following a romantic meal with Kristen Stewart in West Hollywood last night, the Twilight Saga star was far from pleased to spot a celebrity gossip photographer snapping his picture. We haven't seen Rob this angry since the Volturi threatened Bella...

Leave Rob Alone!
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Can you blame Robert Pattinson for growing so irritated? Click on the images above to practically see the smoke coming out of his ears.


I dont blame him. When camaras are in your face all the time,following you around wouldnt you get a little pissy?


Love rob.. but he needs to lose that bitch.. she is so trashy flipping off the paps all the time. She needs to get over herself if rob ever left her no one as amazing as him would even look at her. Rob was a great guy before he met her, she like took away all his innocence and charm now he is becoming sour like her. And im sure his parents are thrilled that the fine classy young man they raised is dating such a trashy ungrateful bitch.


kristen looks like shes on drugs. RobPatt Cute as always.


Rob Pattinson is one of the nicest actors around. He is always pleasant and polite and gives us a lot of entertainment but isn't it his right to have a personal life also? What do you mean by "green teeth" randyjackson'sbutt. A remark I didn't understand. Couldn't be the color of Rob's teeth for he flashes one of the most beautiful, white smiles around. Rob and Kristen are great together and make each other a better person.


Dear Robert Pattinson, You just made well over 20 million dollars for your last film. If someone wants to take your photo then either let them or take your green teeth back over to jolly ol England. Sincerely,
A real man


@ I just don't like her: Just because you don't like her doesn't make her a bitch !! And by the way, I don't think it really matters if you don't like her, since she doesn't give a shit about you; she doesn't even know that you exist !!!


I don't blame him a bit! He seems like a nice guy and they won't leave either of them alone. They stalk them and invade their privacy. I know they choose to be actors/actresses, but they are still people with lives of their own and deserve some privacy. They have the right to go to a restaurant without have papz get in there face to take a picture. They are both private people that do not advertise their private life. Papz need to let them live their private life. I am proud of them both for not advertising whether they are dating or not. It's no one elses business. I think it shows a lot about their true character that they do not try to make money off of whether they are in a relationship or not.


He is a very private person. Let them have their private time together. We would not want a camera in our business 24/7 either.


I don't blame him a bit. He has proven he is very kind to fans. He did dozens of photos and autographs, etc... with fans on his road trip. The paps need to back off - they stalk him. Too bad he seems like such a nice guy. Wish him/them some peace.


That bitch made him into a bitch, too.

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