Don't Mess with Robert Pattinson!

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By all accounts, Robert Pattinson is patient and accommodating with fans. The same can't exactly be said of the paparazzi, however.

Following a romantic meal with Kristen Stewart in West Hollywood last night, the Twilight Saga star was far from pleased to spot a celebrity gossip photographer snapping his picture. We haven't seen Rob this angry since the Volturi threatened Bella...

Leave Rob Alone!
  • Irate Robert
  • Peeved Pattinson
  • Trying to Hide

Can you blame Robert Pattinson for growing so irritated? Click on the images above to practically see the smoke coming out of his ears.

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Ugh. If you're in the entertainment industry than this is to be expected, especially when you make it big. They both knew they'd have to make sacrifices if they wanted to be successful actors, privacy being one of those sacrifices. I'm not saying they should be hounded everywhere they go, but this is sadly what you get when entering a media based career.


whats with all you , the pazz, your going to , hurt .one of theses two. i would feel the same as either of theses two, stars, (young)and cannot even eat out, go anywhere with out being followed everywhere, LEAVE THEM ALONE. they arenever going to have a great relationship, if never any time together with out being followed all over, come to MAINE, WE WILL GIVE YOU SOME SPACE, LOL .


i DONOT blame either of theses two, for being upset, leave them alone, we love both of you . rob,kristen. enjoy your time alone. love you both.


Give the couple some space, no body like to be follow everywhere they go. No wonder he look so piss off. Put yourself in his shoe and see how you feel!


Guys you need to go back and see all the interviews before Twilight and New Moon. Robert wasn't gracious in fact he was rude and criticized his fans. Also, he looks so ugly in the pictures that it's hard for me to believe that all these girls think he's cute! Of course Kristen looks like a wh*re and Robert just looks trashy.


*Sigh* All I have to say is that if you think that people deserve to be forced to live like this you are an IDIOT! Seriously. No one deserves that. I don't care how much money they have. You people making those comments wouldn't last one day dealing with the nonsense they deal with. So, I really wouldn't judge. As for the comments about Kristen, Jesus. Really?!?! Rob's pissed off at paparazzi and this is somehow KRISTEN'S fault?! Are you serious?! Here's a thought, maybe Rob is just fed up! And um, newsflash...if you don't know someone, you really have no right to call them names. It only makes you seem jealous and bitter. Just saying. I'd really like to know what reality some of you people live in.


i'm getting tired of "tortured Kristen". It seems she can only smile when she's getting paid. Rob was never rude or angry with anyone until he started hanging out with her. i think I'll boycott ANYTHING Kristen Stewart does except, of course, if Rob is in it.


I take exception to the "green teeth back to etc......" You are obviously American. "Jolly ol England" oh puleeze!! here in the UK that makes us all lol! Rob encompasses everything that England is proud of, manners, patience, charm and showing annoyance when something pisses you off. We are not plastic in England, we believe that when on duty we are on show and do what is expected of us. But when we are on our own time - no one owns us and we have the right to get pissed off when people invade that privacy. Lay off sunshine!! they are entitled to do what they want do to and are not public property when on down time!!


He may be even more handsome when he is angry. Just look at him. Kristen is the luckiest woman in the world.


Rob Pattinson has always been gracious and accomadating to fans, interviewers and so on. Unfortunately, being a celebrity means that you are celebrated; people are fascinated and papparazi are paid to get that picture, no matter what. It looks like his patience is growing thin, though. I don't know if any of us can imagine every single time you step out your front door to take out trash, fetch mail, talk to a friend, go to dinner, etc., every moment is photographed and there is no privacy. Personally, I think you sell your soul when you become famous. I just don't know if it is worth it.