Did Zach Galifianakis Torpedo Mel Gibson Cameo in The Hangover 2?

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Mel Gibson was set to play a small role in The Hangover 2 until the film's producers unexpectedly cut Mel's cameo, citing unrest among the cast and crew.

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    Who is Zach? Who cares what he thinks? His opinion is only temporarily influencial and seriously uninformed.


    I'm no Mel fan but honestly, Tyson is much worse when you think about it, and why wasn't this addressed before he signed on? If the cast (Zach G or whomever) has this kind of sway, why not run it by them first? It's unfair to Mel to have it happen this way, it just makes him look even guiltier when he hasn't even been charged and the investigation is still going on. Again, I'm not trying to sound like I support Mel no matter what, just commenting on the way this was handled


    Hey Zach, if you are SO outraged about Mel being hired, why didn't you walk? Guess your principles are strong as long as the money is there, eh Zach? You have one hit in an extremely overrated film and suddenly you think you can throw your (substantial)weight around? Next time, YOU take a hike. Walk away from the money and then maybe I could have respect for you. Instead you just come across like a whiny little brat.


    So this overrated comic makes one movie and now he has the right to take the Road Warrior out of a film?

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this Zach Galifan-whatever his name is is kind of a diva and if you are male and a diva then you are pretty much a bitch.

    PS - Keep your head up Mel! Zach Galiwhatever please go overdose already.

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