Did Lady Gaga Gain Weight?

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Hmm. Maybe we know what happened to the Lady Gaga meat dress.

A photo from the Norwegian leg of Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour appears to show the singing sensation and rumored hermaphrodite with a slightly fuller figure.

Lady Gaga Out Cover

Rather than being critical, we'd say that change is a good thing!

Is Lady Gaga a touch heavier lately? If so ... good for her.

While she still looks incredible in her costumes, gone is the stick-thin frame that prompted worries among fans - and sparked six hospitalizations in 2009 alone.

Lady Gaga has a history of struggling with her weight, and the "dangerous diets" the singer has dabbled in amid her rise to stardom may be largely responsible.

Gaga's performances Saturday and Sunday nights in Oslo weren't affected by her fuller figure, as she still rocked all night with a plethora of costume changes. 

We're just glad that she's looking healthier.


LOL at you still dragging that tabloid-fabricated story. Her choreographer already DENIED the eating disorder/hospitalized claims. A long time ago. Anything for hits right? and is this news? a pop star gaining weight? REALLY?


wtf... rumoured hemaphrodite? that's old news guys, she's as much of a hemaphrodite as Justin Bieber is a guy.
She's amazing the way she is, in fact she looks even more wonderful, so shut up and let her get on with her own life instead of sitting back and ruining it.


In my opinion, she looks heaps better, but I seriously hope she's okay - I suffer from an eating disorder myself, and as a Little Monster, I've watched her over the past two years or so go up and down when it comes to losing and gaining a couple of pounds. I just really hope the media isn't affecting her, because for one person, let alone the entire world realise that you've gained a couple of pounds must be pretty hard to bear, and I also really hope she sees this as a good thing and not a bad thing.

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