Did Glee Cross the Line?

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Last week, the Parents' Television Council came down on Glee for implying that Britney Spears was any kind of role model.

We wonder if the group will have anything to say about this: on last night's episode of the Fox hit, a scene featured high school cheerleaders Brittany and Santana talking, smooching in bed... and referencing their experience with "scissoring!"

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Glee is all about self-expression. But does it ever go too far?

Considering the hour at which the show airs, along with its popularity among teens, it's shocking this reference made it past network censors.

If you aren't familiar with the term, consider female genitalia, think about ways in which women might pleasure one another and use your imagination.

Then, check out the scene in question below and sound off on whether you think it was appropriate to include:

Did Glee cross the line?


So what if it's on early enough for small kids to see? Honestly, if you really have to worry about your child hearing the word "scissoring," in reference to two girls, you're not doing your job as a parent. #1, don't turn let them watch it. You're the parent, that means you're in control. That's how things work nowadays. Don't want your kids to see it? Then don't let them. #2, Even if they do see it, What small child actually knows what scissoring is? A child with a terrible parent, that's who.


If you would like to compare Glee to South Park and Family Guy, maybe it should be aired on cable or at a later time slot. A parent cannot control every aspect of a child's life. The show needs to think about the viewers that watch it. What about families who do not have cable and cannot switch over to Nick Jr? What happened to family programing? I don't remember Full House or Home Improvement ever mentioning things like scissoring. The comment was over the line.


well if adam lambert gets in trouble for putting his crotch in a dudes face i think glee should get in trouble for this


Glee knows no boundaries. You may be surprised at what your kid knows - and their experience with it. Restricting sexual reference on TV will do nothing to prevent such a thing, and eight-year-olds do not know what scissoring is, probably do not watch Glee, and you do indeed have power over the remote. If you find the references inappropriate on the show, change the damn channel to Nick Jr. The rating is clearly visible on the television show, before the show they say Viewer Discretion Is Advised! It's not a show meant to be viewed by an immature or pre-pubescent audience, and if you let your child watch it, that is your responsibility. Teenagers watch things like South Park and Family Guy. They know what sex is. It just depends if they have a responsible parent who, instead of trying to close a door, opens it and explains what is beyond.


I felt it crossed a line. Homosexuality is fine, but it's not explained, are they gay or just trying something out, plus the Scissoring line was not in good taste. This is not South Park and children should not be exposed to names of Sexual Positions. I'm all about Tolerance, but that was over the line.


I think the reason the world is changing is because of the things that are allowed on tv nowadays. This show is not aired on cable, and there should be certain limits in what they are allowed to talk about. I have no problem with girls being with girls or boys being with boys. This is supposed to be a family show, and I dont feel like having my 8yr old ask me what scissoring is. That comment could have been left out of the episode.

Tracy nash

I totally agree with Terri. The world in which we live in is changing. Television needs to show the changing times because, kids are committing SUICIDE thanks to the idiots that run the country and tv. Grow up and step into the 21 century.


i dont think there was anything wrong with episode! its how things are now. dont like it dont watch .you have the power over your remote. and how dare people say ok for girls and not boys have you lived in a box the last few years turn on the news once in a while because of people out there like you these children are killing themselves over opinions like yours


u guys are both nasty they have crossed the line that was totally nasty


I think there are worse things out there on t.v And to Scissor Ring....Wow what a homophobic comment you made. It's ok for girls, including you and your friends, to make out, but it's "gross" for guys?
THIS kind of thinking is exactly what's wrong with this world. Grow up.

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