Did Glee Cross the Line?

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Last week, the Parents' Television Council came down on Glee for implying that Britney Spears was any kind of role model.

We wonder if the group will have anything to say about this: on last night's episode of the Fox hit, a scene featured high school cheerleaders Brittany and Santana talking, smooching in bed... and referencing their experience with "scissoring!"

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Glee is all about self-expression. But does it ever go too far?

Considering the hour at which the show airs, along with its popularity among teens, it's shocking this reference made it past network censors.

If you aren't familiar with the term, consider female genitalia, think about ways in which women might pleasure one another and use your imagination.

Then, check out the scene in question below and sound off on whether you think it was appropriate to include:

Did Glee cross the line?

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It's only okay to find a scissoring reference "wrong" if you find a reference to any kind of sex wrong. There is no difference between this scene and a scene where a male and female say something like, "makes for a nice break from all that sex." Yes, the word scissoring gives a mental image to those who know what it is, but a man and woman discussing hetero sex gives a mental image just the same. It is not FOX's or GLEE's problem if some people are only comfortable thinking about straight sex.


Do kids watch Glee? Almost certainly given the time slot.
Do the producers welcome the extra viewers? Probably.
Is Glee meant to be watched by kids? I think it has been clear since Episode 1 that it is not.
So what should be done about it? The answer is the same as it has always been. If you consider sex to be the root of all evil and you want to engage in the ultimately futile task of shielding your children from its influence then throw out your TV, computer, radio, music and book collection (don't forget that bible) and hitch your high horse to a buggy and head to a barn raising. Just STFU about what the rest of us are doing.


"What happened to family programing?" What happened to fully grown adults having the common sense necessary to know better than to let small children watch a show that is clearly and prominently rated "TV-14"? Why don't you take your toddler to the next Saw movie and then bitch about it being too violent for them? That makes just as much sense. Don't blame Fox for your parental incompetence and laziness.


Sara, if you think this show is for kids then you are completely and utterly delusional. It is not, has never been, and never will be for children. Being on at 8 doesn't matter, that's a primetime slot - aimed at ADULTS. Need more proof that it's not for children? Watch it sometime. Pilot episode - a teacher blackmails a student into being on Glee after he plants a bag of weed in his locker. Episode one - Finn has to recount running over a man with the car to stop from jizzing himself when he makes out (lying down) with Rachel. Do you want me to go on, or is that enough to bring you back to planet Earth?


To be honest, I didn't even hear them say it the first time I watched it and I watch Glee religously. When I heard that they said it, I had to go back and rewatch. They don't say it that loud and kids learn more than what that means just by riding a school bus or going to school. Parents need to be watching these shows with their children and if they have any questions they should have open conversations about these topics but make them understand that they should only talk about sex with their parent(s). I think if more parents took interest in their child's life and stop blaming the entertainment industry for their bad parenting, this country might be a little better off.


what were they thinking!!!


awesome how the moral right majority continues to tell people how to live, when secretly these people are whackin off to videos of two lipstips doin it in the basement ( but yet they say its bad if you see it on primetime tv). remember organized religion and theology is always about one thing - hypocrisy


@Sonal; it has nothing to do with that whatsoever.
If you'd paid attention, or maybe you're just unaware of what the term means, it's a reference to a sexual act on a show meant for kids, that airs at 8:00 and is seen most likely by children who are most likely far too young to be even introduced to terms like that.
It's not against girl&girl relationships at all. It's against the profanity that is too mature for the show's younger viewers, and should have been left out. The generation is corrupted enough as it is.


FOX is just bad news at all levels.


So.... a guy and a girl kissing each other is okay, but a girl and a girl kissing each other is not okay. Wow.