Did Christina Aguilera Hook Up with Samantha Ronson?

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A recently-single, quasi-openly bisexual Christina Aguilera may have hooked up with Samantha Ronson during the late stages of her marriage to Jordan Bratman.

So states a source to Radar Online, as this individual claims Christina "turned to" Lindsay Lohan's famous ex for "emotional support" as her relationship with Bratman fell apart.

  • Kiss from Xtina
  • Long Drag

Could you blame Christina for turning to a hottie such as Samantha in times of need?

"They've known each other forever and they're good friends," said the insider. "Samantha was in Mexico with Christina for Nicole's [Richie] bachelorette party."

The website also has quoted sources that say Aguilera sent bodyguards to random women in clubs and asked if they wanted to go home with the singer. Such an open arrangement eventually created enough jealousy in Bratman that he wanted out of the marriage.

"My understanding was that Jordan wasn't involved when she brought girls home," a source said.

When it came to Ronson, we can't imagine he wanted to be.

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its crazy that many celebrities think sam ronson is hot..she looks like an addict most of the time..missy higgins is hundred times hotter than her..lol


I'd rather want both samantha and lindsay as a partner...they looked great and cool. Love it=)


Mahatma Gandhi said,''live like you are going to die tomorrow'' If Christina is living....so let it be.
Any one else who thinks thats not right..should also find something worth living for...in the moment!!!


Ronson is hot. She should be with Lohan


I would love to have her life- sure would beat sitting in front of this computer making snide remarks about somebody who's made it to the top of her field. Best wishes, Christina! Can't wait to see your new movie!


Hell no! I would never trade my life for hers THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


Ewwww! Samantha Ronson is so f'n UGLY... she looks like a cracked out boy! I would think Christina could score a much better lookinh lezzie.


So the "leaked sex tape" has now been replaced by the bi-sexual liaison.


@ Monkeys Ass: Jealous much?


Yes, Please ease up on the pounds of makeup!!