Diana Taurasi: Nude, Controversial in ESPN the Magazine

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Diana Taurasi is the best women's basketball player alive. She's also the latest female professional athlete to bare it all.

This WNBA star covers the Body Issue of ESPN the Magazine and says of the decision to pose naked: "Doing the shoot was something new and I had fun with it. For me, doing this was about facing the challenge and celebrating everything all of our bodies have been through and done."

Diana Taurasi Naked

That's one point of view. Another is that women such as Amanda Beard and Danica Patrick should be drawing attention to their athletic accomplishments, not their birthday suits.

Where do you stand? Are these athletes simply proud of their bodies, or turning themselves into sex objects instead of respected professionals? In general, should they be posing nude?


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As a Connecticut resident, I have the GREATEST respect for our current and past players. Ms. Taurasi has shown outstanding professionalism in ALL of her endevores. For Ms. Taurasi to show the real beauty, not seen, on the court, in a tasteful wonderfully photographed spread, This is "Athletic Art !!!! Ms. Taurasi you are a "TRUE" beauty. Malvin C. Barstow
P.S. Why is there no WNBL gear for men?? I'm in CT and can get no Phoenix wear??? MCB


Maybe in the future we will all walk around naked, then there will be no issue with this type of thing and no one can use nudity to make themselves more money. Love your body if you want but what do you gain by showing it off except money in your wallet? Just don't have a lot of respect for women who can't make it in this world with out resorting to posing nude. Although you really don't see anything.


Agree randyjacksonsbutt!!


Damn, even with a bunch of photoshop she still looks nasty.


@flygirl - ummmm...clearly you havne't heard that there are naked MEN in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue too! NBA players, NFL players, Golfers, Soccer players and the list goes on and on! this aint about objectifying women...take a deep breath!


@flygirl: it's like Elain said in Seinfeld: a man's naked body is like a Jeep, only good for utility.
A woman's is a work of art!


Who cares if she's nude, male celebreties pose in their underwear all the time and nobody complains.....I say go girl!!!


When are there going to be nude male athletes? Rather see those beautiful bodies but once again media believes only men like to appreciate naked forms.


The tattoo on her hip looks like a butthole. Go on. Look at it. Told you.