Demi Lovato Hair Hullabaloo: Up or Down?

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Demi Lovato likes her privacy.

But we hope the young artist doesn't mind us butting in to her life briefly to pass along a compliment: she's very pretty.

This is the case no matter what style Demi chooses, but let's face it: we all look better depending on certain fashion choices. With that in mind, vote on contrasting hairstyles for Lovato below:

  • Demi Lovato: The People's Choice
  • Demi Lovato PCA Dress

Which look do you prefer?


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have not seen annny1 so beautiful and innocently lookin


You haters don't know what you're talking about. Demi Lovato looks very pretty.


Kimi, you have no heart,but yes a hefty bag would work wonders on her complexion.


I think she looks beautiful BOTH ways! That said, however, I voted for hair up because she looks prettier in that particular picture. But she's still gorgeous in the picture of her hair down. In general, Demi looks beautiful either way, hair up or down.


Paper bag is her best look, pity she doesn't try it out


^ Hm, maybe you should see the pictures of her with NO makeup and NEARLY no makeup as well. JUST as hot, if not hotter.


Ten pounds of makeup and a buttchin. Yeah, she's hot.

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