Dear John Mayer: You Suck. XOXO, Taylor Swift

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In "Back to December," Taylor Swift pretty clearly apologizes to Taylor Lautner.

In "Dear John," - another single off Swift's upcoming album, "Speak Now" - the singer even more clearly raises a giant middle finger to John Mayer.

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A few months ago, the douchebag of an artist appeared to brag about hooking up with Swift. A witness even described the pair looking cozy during a night out together.

We have no idea what went down between these two, but consider that Taylor said of her new album "every single song is like a roadmap to what [a] relationship stood for;" consider the title in question; and consider the following lyrics and then decide for yourself if this is meant for John Mayer...

Dear John/I see it all now that you're gone/Don't you think I was too young/To be messed with/The girl in the dress/Cried the whole way home/I should've known.

It was wrong/Don't you think nineteen's too young/To be played/By your dark, twisted games/When I loved you so.

Sounds like a Swift kick to the gut, doesn't it? Way to go, T. Swizzle!

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playing victimized... but really.. is she? IS SHE??


She hangs out with these young meager talented fools. She needs a mature supremely talented individual like myself to hang out with. Then she will find out what she is missing.


Good Grief!! If I have to hear about this no talented skank trashing one more celebrity who she supposedly had a relationship with, I'm going to throw up!!! It's obvious she can't keep a man and there must be a legitimate reason for it! Get a life, Taylor, and quit your bitching!!!


Yakkity yak. Her lyrics seem to try to make him into a pedophile. Nineteen is legal, but for her it IS too young; too young to have 3987627382 songs about how some new guy has 'broken her heart' especially since, by her own admission, they all take less than a half hour to write. She seems to go through men pretty swiftly, and the poor girl probably hasn't really fallen in love yet, but by the time that song comes out it'll be cliche and kitschy. The issue really isn't her being too young for him, it's him being too old for her -- and he is. She definitely needs to remove the phrase "cleared for landing" from her V-chip, though.


love comes AROUND SWIFT!!!


Junior, I think your post was informative, but seriously do you think Miss Swift is an idiot? Falling in love does not necessarily mean sleeping with someone, but if she did I'm sure she has enough sense to take the necessary precautions. Good grief, you can get really hurt by someone you love, even if there was no sex involved. I fell for an older man when I was 18, I'm 50 and it still hurts. No sex, just really broken hearted by an older, game player.


Love Taylor Love John but these 2 definitely don't mix! She is far too young and still too innocent for a player like John! I too am hoping that if she slept with him, they used protection. The last thing she needs is a child now. She has lots more living and loving to do. I am surprised Taylor would claim she "loved" John so soon after meeting him. Seems a little odd but like I said she is still so very young.


Just a word of advise Taylor.....never fall too far too fast. You are so above him.....and others like him. Never give guys the satisfaction of knowing they may have hurt you or mean something to you. Your will learn. Hopefully not the hard way.


Paybacks are so sweet!!! Mr. Big Mouth, put his personal line in his songs, gets a taste of his own medicine. Now I wish JA would just figure this man is a douche, just like everyone else has.


If Taylor gets sexually involved with John Mayer, she better be smart enough to make him wear condoms and she better avoid having sex with him if he has anything funny going on down there. If a guy has an active cold sore on his lips, don't let him go down on you Taylor, you'll end up with herpes. I haven't heard too much about Taylor sleeping around so she probably has had less exposure to STDs and HIV than John Mayer. She is young, beautiful, talented and wealthy, she shouldn't risk ruining her life over a piece of good looking meat. Remember, "what looks good, ain't always good for you." Fumagate that shit.