Daughter of Bethenny Frankel: Durable, Healthy, Cute

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Bethenny Frankel may be a liar, but we'd all agree we wish nothing but the best for her daughter.

That's why we're so happy to hear from the reality star that Bryn Casey is doing well, despite being born prematurely.

Tiger and Charlie Woods

"I was worried," said Frankel to Life & Style of her child's birth weight, four pounds, 12 ounces. "I thought I'd bump her into something and it would be over."

Bryan is now five months old and weighs nearly 11 pounds.

"She's durable," Bethenny gushes. "She's not a teeny doll! She's really cute!"

You don't need to tell us that, B Frank. We have eyes - and we're so glad mother and daughter are happy and healthy.


beth i saw the church ceremony you and jason went to because gena one your child was blessed in so many ways you will soon understand she will never be on drugs she will make you diploymat proud due to jason and gena i love you guys keep it tight and together no matter what ok beth.....


Hey doesntmattereally, if you had read my message correctly you wouldn't of responded the way you did. I did not say Bethenny didn't attend boarding school(idiot!!)I know this to be true. I said whoever dramadrama is probably did not, based on the fact (another idiot) could not spell. So as far as you are concern make sure you read the messages correctly before you call someone a bitch... Bitch!!!!


If you watched all the shows Sylvia Mckinley then you know that Bethenny did go to boarding school..so it's not something to be surprised about. Bethenny is full of anger and has a cold heart, it is so easy to see. You're probably on her side because you're a cold superficial b**ch yourself. =)


Who ever Drama, Drama is that claims to have gone to broading school with Bethenny, I think you are a plate of BS! Did you check your message prior to sending it? You can't even spell!! I seriously doubt if you went to school with Bethenny or even know her. Bethenny has never said anything negative about her step-father. He has even stated that Bethenny was telling the truth about her mother. I am not sure what your motive is but you are not convincing at all. PLEASE...Boarding school, yeah right!!


We all have weird relatives in on form or another. I would venture to say it is the mothers loss. Sad. Bryn is adorable...:)


Do you have proof that she's a liar? Any parent that is neglectful or abusive is going to deny it. Why is the mother coming out of the woodwork now? Maybe she sees that Bethenny is successful & there's tabloid $$$ to be made for her. I don't believe the mother. I believe BEthenny.


Oh my! Her baby is so cute!:)

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