Danielle Staub Reaches Settlement with Kevin Maher, Avoids Worst Day of Life

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Danielle Staub has narrowly avoided the worst day of her life.

The psychotic reality star has reached a settlement with ex-husband Kevin Maher, the day before she was scheduled to be deposed as part of Maher's defamation suit against allegations that he played Russian Roulette inside Staub's vagina and murdered her dog.

Red Carpet Danielle

In anticipation of Staub answering questions under oath about these accusations, Maher had told the world he would destroy Danielle on October 5. Instead, he just took her money quietly.

The terms of the settlement are confidential, but a source confirms that cash was involved, while Maher told TMZ:

"The matter was resolved to the satisfaction of both parties... It's interesting that the case gets settled the day before Danielle was supposed to be deposed... it was going to be the worst day of her life."

When you're someone like Danielle Staub, isn't everyday the worst day of your life?


Seriously? Someone really thinks he didn't have a case? I guess strategic settling for a nice chunk of change the day b4 her depo, his passing of a lie detector test, no records of any hospital records she said existed, her already well-established propensity for malicious lying, her subsequent denial of even saying those lies, despite her putting them in a BOOK, etc. would make me think he had no case either. Oh wait, no it wouldn't. I'm not a complete dumb-ass.


She settled because she was once again on the verge of being caught in one of her millions of lies. She is absolutely disgusting.
With all the claims of abuse, bullying, and so on, she has made, I am surprised she isn't in hiding somewhere.
I can't believe their are actually people that dont' see right through her.
I knew someone like her, and it is truly disgusting and the lives they effect or ruin (and take great pleasure in doing so) would turn your stomach.
People like her should have a tattoo on their forehead to warn the rest of us what they really are and to run the other way screaming. LOL


Danielle settled because she can afford to settle... Kevin Maher never worked a day in his life. He doesn't deserve any money from anyone. I believe he is a con artist also. Two rejects in life cross paths and make money off of their criminal episodes. What a Joke! They both deserve each other. Kevin Maher and Danielle are perfect together..two low life pieces of SHIT! Yeah Kevin you too are a piece of garbage..Nobody takes your side in this...she's just a slightly a bigger piece of garbage than you..A photo finish !


she loooks like the fuckin grim reeper...ew


Ugly ass crack whore! No matter what surgeries you do it will never be good enough cuz I can still see your fucking ugly face!


Seriously! She looks like a rabbit with her buck teeth. Why does she smile that way. This isn't the first pic of seen of her with this ridiculous "smile" (if you want to call it that). Please Danielle, go away!


She could be one of the ugliest people ever. Normally would give her a break but since she's tweaked her face with surgery I feel like it's okay to mock.


Well well, I guess Maher did not have a case after all. Good for you Danielle and you look great.

Faith maguire

She looks like a freaking beaver in this pic. Her and her teeth....lmao! I'm glad SHE had to pay. It's about time someone put her in her place and made her put her money where her mouth is!! Now go away Danielle....we don't like you.

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