Danielle Staub: I'm a Bullying Victim, Too!

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Forget those gay teens who have recently committed suicide due to extreme bullying from classmates.

Danielle Staub says she deserves your sympathy because she took so much abuse from cast members on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“The way they treated me was bullying and it was hate,” Staub told TooFab. “I have to say shame on [Bravo.] Shame on you for not dropping the cameras when I was being bullied. I was hiding from [my castmates], and then I’m physically attacked. Being attacked and having hate done unto you is a crime... It was horrifying."

Danielle S.

The slight difference, of course, is that a gay people are bullied simply because they are attracted to certain body parts.

Staub was bullied as part of a scripted reality show because she is a former drug dealing liar who falsely accused her ex-husband of rape.

In conclusion, Danielle says: “I think our boss could have done more than he did. I think more than one apology could have been made... I’m still a mother, a person, a human being.”

We'll let readers debate the merits of those claims. Go!


Lord help me, all this one does is scream VICTIM, but destroys others lives or tries to.
I am so tired of people like her doing whatever they want to whomever they want and then when they are confronted they are a 'VICTIM'. How dare she make this claim.
I think her 15min of fame is up, when is she going away??
As far as bullying, I think pistol whipping someone and filing false reports of rape could also be considered 'bullying' but not to Danielle because she is the one doing it.
What she does to others, she doesn't tolerate being done to her. Such a coward, I can't stand her. Thank goodness she is off the show.


Bullied? Really? This statement coming from a convicted felon? Oh Please.


Stop with the bullying!!! Now Bin Laden is going to claim he has been bullied.
When you do wrong things o people disagree with you IS NOT BULLYING


HELLO,,, BRAVO will be SADDDD when she's GONE !!! The show will lose me as a Viewer.. I know she wasn't the BEST BUT,,,, Imagine the HOG Caroline evry week YUKKKKKK !!!


This looks like a transgender man, she is butt ugly. She needs to just go away


Um....er.....ah....Who's the bully Danielle? I sure in the heck didn't see Caroline or anyother housewife bring guy's toting guns to the rodeo!! Danielle is a pathetic excuse for a human being and always tries to pin the rap on someone else or make a feeble attempt at playing THE victim. I just read where she asked Patty Stanger (Millionairs Club) to set her up! Hey Danielle, ever hear of getting a JOB? Like Caroline said, you aren't too pretty to work.....You are about as far away from pretty as it gets. Besides, you can be pretty on the outside and very UGLY on the inside. I am very much leaning towards the latter on that one!


Danielle, get a real life.


Does this broad spend her time looking for way to intrude herself into other people's issues? Hey "honey" it's not about you.


Funny randyjacksonsbutt!! Elder abuse is a crime!


I agree, she was bullied and she deserves an apology! It is a crime to bully elderly women.

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