Dancing With the Stars Gossip: Poor Jennifer Grey Effort Blamed on Derek Hough Eyeliner Mishap

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This one's straight out of the Lindsay Lohan Book of Bad Excuses.

On last night's Dancing With the Stars, Brandy rose to the top. That wasn't too big a surprise, but Jennifer Grey finishing fifth out of seven dancers was.

According to her partner, Derek Hough, blame it on the "guyliner."

D. Hough and J. Grey

Derek Hough blames the makeup department, not Jennifer Grey.

"This is what happened tonight," Derek said. "The dance was going well, I told [Jennifer] to get fierce, and she was all in it. And then at the end, this eyeliner got in my eye! Then I flew off and she was off balance and it was a mess."

"So basically, the moral of the story is don't wear eyeliner if you're a guy."

Hmm. You know, it doesn't seem to bother Adam Lambert ...

Anyway, also throwing a wrench into Derek's excuse? Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas also rocked the eyeliner look, and did much better than last week.

"She did really well with this one. Out of all the dances, this was the most natural for her," said Mark, "I'm definitely more confident with the tango."

Rick Fox was channeling his inner Taylor Momsen, too.

"It's obviously left a statement," he said. "It's never been on someone this tall before, right? But I was not alone in the guyliner department tonight."

Will any of the above couples pay the price tonight? Unlikely. Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya are our pick to head home, but what do we know?

Who are you rooting for on Dancing With the Stars?


bristol all the way....let us vote next week like never before!!!


DWTS should have Jennifer Grey checked....is she faking the knee injury get sympathy votes......after rehearsing for twenty minutes and then performing...we did not see her in pain....and she forgot to cry.
The viewers brought her back when she stumbled and fumbled......so why be mad at Bristol Palin"s support??????she is not a performer...she tries really hard.....and no faking injuries


Why doesn't the "cry baby" jennifer drop out if she's in so much pain. Remember what Harry Truman said and I quote. "if you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen"




i truly hope brandy looses she is such a tight stiff dancer and a cry baby used to getting her way well i hope she doesnt get her way on dwts


Bristol all the way!!


after watching dancing with the stars again...again im apalled by the stupidity of the votors..as in politics in this country they vote like idiots...Audrina ..far better than Kyle or Kurt..goes off...i just dont understand why the judges dont have more to say than the idiots that vote


I am for Brandy. She wants to win bad. And she is going for it. I award that. There is an entitlement wit Grey that I don't like very much


Um.... You know Derek was joking, right? Watch the video. They're laughing. She later says the problem was adrenaline and that she got dizzy.


I agree with Sharon Dailey. I love Jennifer and Derek and thought the judging was just too harsh for her last night, and too soft for Brandy. I'd like to see Brandy doing what Jennifer is doing at 50! I, too, am not liking the music this season. I just don't get it.

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