Corey Bohan Might Propose to Audrina Patridge

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Audrina Patridge's stint on Dancing with the Stars has meant long hours and some relationship problems with Corey Bohan, by her own admission.

But it looks like the couple is working through them just fine - and there may be a huge surprise for Audrina come season's end, Mirror Ball or not.

A Natural Beauty?

“To let Audrina know just how proud of her I am, I’m planning a holiday to a tropical island if she wins - there might even be a ring!” he tells Star.

Will Corey Bohan put a ring on it this fall?

He's kidding ... about the "if she wins" part. “I really believe that I've met the girl I am going to spend the rest of my life with,” says Corey Bohan.

The big news comes just one week after Audrina was seen in tears, trying to balance her romance and her rehearsal for Dancing With the Stars.

She went on to post the week's top score.

“We had a few arguments because we were seeing so little of each other due to all the rehearsing she has to do for the show,” the BMX pro said.

“She told me she felt stressed trying to make me happy and learn the routines. Everyone is so competitive, I think that stresses her out more.”

But the two have been able to adjust, and now, things between them have been stronger than ever since reuniting once again early this summer.

“Things were different than they had been before. For one thing, she was not filming The Hills,” he says. “We both feel we have our lives back and the privacy to make things work. I don’t think either of us could be more in love.”

So much so, he's doing everything he can for his woman.

“From 8 a.m. until 11 p.m., Audrina is out practicing. But then she gets home, and that’s when I take care of her,” the dutiful boyfriend says. “The thing that aches most is always her feet. So I love to give them a really good massage!”

Say yes, Audrina. This one's a keeper!

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Yeah, he does seem like a great guy and all that, but why would he tell a magazine that he might propose? Shouldn't it be a surprise?