Coming Soon: A Snooki Dating Show

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Snooki has made it clear what sort of man she's after: a nice, tan, gorilla juicehead nympho.

In the near future, we'll get to watch the Jersey Shore star select just such a caller, as sources say she's signed on to anchor her very own dating show!

Regis Philbin Shirtless

"They are set to make the big announcement any day now," an insider told In Touch Weekly of the planned MTV series, which would feature cameos by JWoww and a few ex-boyfriends, the latter of whom would serve as consultants.

No premiere date has been announced, nor a title been given to the program. But allow THG to offer our assistance with the latter. Which of the following do you like best?

  • A Shot at Love... and Then Like 15 Shots of Booze
  • The Fatchelor
  • Who Wants Syphilis?
  • Fist Pump or Get Dumped

Chime in now with your best Snooki dating show titles!


umm...i think snooki is very fun to be around. i cant believe the horrible things you say about her. she is curvy but there is no way u can call her obese! not even close. back up. let her be.


i'm sorry, but anyone saying she is "curvy" is out of their damn mind. christina henricks is curvy. snooki is borderline obese. she is not attractive in any way, shape or form. physically she is disgusting and she has a hideous personality. she is a complete imbecile and she has an obvious drinking problem. she has no redeeming qualities other than that people like to laugh at her.


Wow. Intense haters. soo unnecessary.


umm . snooki is fucknn HAWT;* &Cute ? ! Any Guy Wouldd Love Her, You People Are Hating Real Hard, Lmao . Cause She's Getttn A TV Show ? Hop off . & givee her props . ! Thankksx . :)


Snooki Rules!! Who Gives A Shit If She Is Curvy... Not everyone in the world needs to be size zero.. SIZE ZERO LOOKS FUCKING DISGUSTING MORE LIKE!! Who wants a bag of bones, when you can have a real women!! Lovee The Snooks! x


I dont know of any human claiming to be a female more revolting than this pig. Am I guilty of watching her on the MTV show? Yes. she is just like a bad car accident you cant help but to look at. I doubt she will be alive in 10 years from now when she will weigh 300 lbs.


snooki use to be soo skinny i don't know how someone can get hella fat so quickly.. i mean everyone gains weight here and there.. but damn snooki you exploded!


gross! i don't know why people i encounter love this chick so much! ewww.


what's with her hair?


Seperated at birth from "Cousin Itt" of the Addams Family.


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