Charlie Sheen Update: High on Cocaine, Flying to Los Angeles

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We have more details about Charlie Sheen and the incident this morning involving him, a trashed NYC hotel room and a naked call girl locked in the bathroom.

As previously reported, authorities found the actor passed out in his bed at the Plaza around 2 a.m. Sources say he went to his room with a prostitute, could not find his wallet and went off on the escort, tossing around furniture and scaring her to the point where she barricaded herself in a bathroom and called the cops.

Nice Hat, Charlie

Sheen's rep has hilariously claimed his client simply had an allergic reaction, but an insider that allegedly spoke to the hooker in question says she and Sheen were high on cocaine at the time of the incident.

"The prostitute says Charlie was using cocaine,” a source told Radar Online. "She said after he did the coke, he flipped out, couldn’t find his wallet and accused her of stealing it.”

Here is what else can we report:
  • Sheen was eight days away from the end of his probation, stemming from the plea bargain he struck in August on charges of domestic violence, but it's unlikely this incident will be considered a violation because he wasn't caught committing a crime.
  • Friends tell TMZ the actor has been hanging out with "bad people" recently and has been abusing various substances for months.
  • Insiders associated with Two and a Half Men have paid for a private jet to fly Sheen back to Los Angeles after he checks out of a NYC hospital today.
  • He will then move back home. Another stint in rehab is clearly needed, but unlikely to occur.
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Charlie Sheen's nose has a hole in it from too much cocaine, you can see before and after. Now the left side is crooked, why? The cocaine blasted a hole or two thru the septum. It's only time before the bridge collapses and that can never be repaired to look right again.
Search celebs it's already happened to and you can see it. Man it's not worth it in my humble opinion.


This guy is really gonna do sum serious harm to women. He should be in jail. Anyone else with no movie star staus would.


I've never particularly been a fan of Mr. Sheen ' always liked his father. It's just sad when someone who has so much throws it away. I wish him well. Thank God Robert Downey Jr. finally got his act together and is keeping his beautiful nose clean.