Charlie Sheen: Going Back to Work

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What drunken, half-naked, prostitute and cocaine-based New York City hotel escapade?!?

In a couple days, it will seem like such an incident never took place for Charlie Sheen, as sources confirm the actor is simply headed back to work this week.

The Look of Crazy

"Charlie will be working this week doing a cameo role, playing himself, in a small movie as a favor to a friend and has every intention of going back to work on Two and a Half Men on Tuesday," his manager Mark Burg told People. "He's looking forward to working."

Charlie Sheen gives new meaning to the nickname Wild Thing...

Sheen was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon, hours after police responded to a call from a frightened hooked who locked herself in the bathroom because the allegedly high actor went berzerk in the face of a lost wallet. Cops found Sheen passed out in bed.

Oh, and his two daughter were staying next door.

Note to readers: if you won't stop watching Sheen's sitcom because it's painfully unfunny, perhaps you'll stop watching it to send a message to someone who clearly needs help.


I think work is good for this guy and hey make more money, we need it these days! and people can watch whatever the hell they want to laugh and waste their time on.


I HAVE stopped watching the show because two things are very clear. 1. Charlie Sheen cannot differentiate between personal and professional. 2. The word "professional" means acting out his addictions to make CBS millions of dollars in advertising.


Charlie has been given more chances than the law should allow, in his relationships with women. For years,this man has been a total disaster, and the absolute description of insanity in the lives of wives,ex-wives,girlfriends, and now an escort. Things have gone from bad to worse when an escort has got to call the police to free herself from an out of control *date for the evening. It is almost a crime within itself for his young children to be entangled with this poor excuse for a father.
Martin Sheen has publicly intervened in the past to help his wayward son,hopefully Martin will be reminded of the fact that he has done all that he can do to rescue his 45 year old son,who continues to make a disgraced mess out of his own life,instead of enjoying the blessings that have been bestowed upon him. PEACE!!


Two and a half men is hilarious! This weeks episode was especially funny!


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