Capri Anderson to Pursue Case Against Charlie Sheen

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According to an online profile, the ultimate goal of porn star Capri Anderson is to "make money."

With that in mind, the 22-year old may have hit a gold mine when she met Charlie Sheen at a hotel bar Monday, had sex with him that evening and then went back for another round early the next morning... only for the actor to flip out on her over a missing watch.

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As a result of Sheen's cocaine-fueled actions, Anderson locked herself in a bathroom and claims Sheen repeatedly punched the door in an attempt to get her out.

Now, sources tell TMZ that Anderson - whose real name is Christina Walsh and who also goes by Alexis Capri, Stella Costanza and Capri Nubiles - wants the state of Colorado to violate Sheen's parole because he allegedly held the "actress" against her will.

Anderson has reportedly hired an attorney and plans to fly to Apsen in the next few days to make the case that Sheen should be in trouble due to the domestic violence charges still hanging over him after his beating of Brooke Mueller in December.

"We're weighing our legal options, " a member of Anderson's team says.

Might this be a ploy to get hush money out of Sheen? Absolutely. After all, as Anderson also says in her online profile: "I'm adventurous, unpredictable, and wild! I LOVE to get naked!"

You really know how to pick them, Charlie.


Hooking is illegal in NYC, but not "escorting" a whore is a whore no matter how you look at it and she is digging for gold. A porn star is NO different from being a hooker, except in the fact that they like people to WATCH them have sex. I'm not saying poor Charlie on this either, you are a grown man and should know better than to PAY for a date you deserved to be scammed for the watch, but not the lies and the settlement this hooker wants. Hang in there your true fans will stand behind you


Another money chasing whore in the news...what a surprise. All these bitches are just looking for a payday. She already stole his watch, what else does she want?


These stupid men who thinks with the wromg head. He deserve to be trick. Stupid is as stupid does.


Martin Sheen is one of the most respected actors in this era. A few years ago,he gave his son Charlie a dose of tough love,and Charlie seemed to turned his life around.
Update: Charlie is now the highest paid *fool on TV. He appears to be totally clueless to his own behavior, he meet, mistreat, and discard women like rag dolls. In the company of his latest conquest, he may have finally met his match in this young ball of fire.


Lets get real. This little twit saw an opening and she grabed it. She probably took his watch inorder to provoke him knowing all that has been going on with him. Just like any other hooker, she'll do anything for money. Also I would like to know how he held her against her will if he was banging on the bathroom door to get her out. Seem to me she locked herself in to fuel the fire. The longer she stayed the madder he got, the more dollar signs she saw. She knew she had to make him so crazy he would get loud enough for others to hear. Job well done. Give him back his watch. HOOKER!


Wow - when is Charlie Sheen going to grow up. Who would have thought Denise Richards would be the classy one.


She's a porn star, not a prostitute. There's a huge difference between the two. LOL! Yeah right. the both get paid for sex. LOL!


I don't mean to burst her bubble but isn't prostitution illegal in NYC? I'm pretty sure it is.

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