Capri Anderson Plans Lawsuit Against Charlie Sheen

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For a change, Capri Anderson is set on not taking something lying down.

Sources tell TMZ that the call girl is planning to sue Charlie Sheen for his actions in a New York City Hotel room this week.

Charlie Sheen Party Poster

It's unclear what the specific charges will be, but Anderson has made it known she felt as if her life was in danger when Sheen flipped out and threw furniture all over the place. She locked herself in a bathroom and phoned hotel security as a result.

Law enforcement officials say they don't plan to take any action against the actor, but Capri is supposedly owed $12,000 and sees this as a chance to strike it rich. It makes sense for her, too.

As someone that makes a living without any clothes on, why not sue the pants off someone?

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Folks, I am afraid Charlie has ended his show biz ceraer, whether he knows it or not. Who would want to work with him now? He is nothing but trouble and an embarrassment to boot.


Me: *grabbing capri's
capri: UUHH...DDAADDDYYY.. UR SO HOT..DAMN IT..!!*Licks my dick*
Me: OOHH OOHH OHH It hurts baby...HARDER HARDER! >:D
capri: *licks my anues*
Me: DAMN IT BITCH!. Stick your tongue in my fucking ass!! >:O
mE: *stick dicks on capri's dick*
Capri: Aww. gotta go work...
me: u do not work, your a bitch! you sex up men for money..
Capri: *puts ass on my my face*
me: *lick it* OHH YAAHH That's how I feel capri inside, but outside I might say "WHORE" sERIOUSLY, she's hot, you want to fuck her but you only judge her DON'T know what she's been through THE END.. GOTTA LOVE IT, EH?


I'm waiting to see how Charlie **slither out this fiasco.


If prostitution is illegal in NYC then how can she legally sue him? It's like a drug dealer suing a customer because he owes him money. This makes zero sense legally.


He sure knows how to pick them, as he'd often say in Two and a Half Men.


This girl is freaking ugly, and that's being nice to her. Thanks to Charlie, she now has more popularity or notoriety than she ever thought possible, and she will fully capitalize on it, make no mistake. And as for Charlie, well, what a mess he is; but I still love his show a lot, both Two and a half Men, and his real life. He has got enough money to settle with this woman in litigation or out of court. Carlos Erwin Estevez, you're one entertaining dude. But for the sake of your kids, please get your act together.


When did the state of New York legalize prostitution? Has no one in NYC "law enforcement" taken notice of that? Did Charlie, in fact, touch the woman? No. Charlie's big mistake was not getting a price list prior to gettin' nekkid!


@Hilton Hater,
Thank you for the laugh a minute. P.S.
Looks like Charlie has met his match,and she does not plan on striking out, if anything he is getting more than he bargained for with her.Talk about socking it to a guy,this woman knows what is **owed to her,and she is determined to get her 120 Benjamin$ even if she has to degrade her own self in order to get it.She must have seen his movie Money Talks.